European CEO released the top business leaders and companies of 2019Every year the magazine shines a light on the best-performing companies and industry leaders, specifically honouring those that have managed to excel in terms of both strategy and sustainability.

Looking across a range of sectors, such as real estate, construction, design, agriculture and many more, European CEO carefully identifies the individuals and organisations most deserving of praise.

Among the Entrepreneurs honoured in this year’s award is Amina Hersi Moghe, Named As The Entrepreneur of the year of Africa.

As the daughter of a well-known businesswoman, Amina Hersi Moghe possessed an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age. Although there were few paths to success to be taken in her hometown in Kenya, Moghe was able to enrol in accounting school, which later led to her founding Horyal Investment. Today, her company’s portfolio includes the multimillion-euro Oasis Mall in Uganda and the Atiak Sugar Factory, which occupies more than 16,000 acres and will have the capacity to produce 50,000 tonnes of sugar a day once fully operational. The factory will also create 1,500 jobs, many of which will go to local women, helping them to develop their own careers.

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