President Vladimir Putin threatens German action

Hungary has become a Signal of Russia and China Allies in the NATO-Russia war

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President Vladimir Putin has slammed Western nations

Moscow (ANN)-Russian troops are continuing their offensive in the Ukrainian capital Kiev and other key cities, having already taken control of strategic ports along the Black Sea coast of southern Ukraine.

The attack has had a devastating effect, with one million refugees fleeing the country, and several million more are expected to flee to Europe in the coming days.

There have been alarming reports of a fire at a nuclear power plant in Ukraine, home to Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, and the news has caused a great deal of fear and anxiety among NATO allies.

According to Russian military experts, nuclear weapons experts have entered the site of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant in an attempt to counter the threat.

The cause of the fire is unknown, but there are unconfirmed reports that the fire broke out during a bombardment, although the Ukrainian administration says it has not yet been notified no receive to radiation.

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Ukrainian authorities say Russian forces have taken control of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in the countries southeast. A fire broke out at one of the reactors at the site after Russian shelling overnight. “Operational personnel are monitoring the condition of power units,” the regional authority said on social media. It added that it sought to ensure the operations were in line with safety requirements.

  Vladimir Putin has slammed Western nations, saying they want to isolate his people. In a speech to the nation today, President Putin praised his troops fighting inside Ukraine and described them as heroes.

In New York, the United Nations General Assembly has strongly condemned the attack, and many companies have cut ties with Russia or diverted Russian-related assets, part of a series of sanctions expelled from the country. US President Joe Biden says Putin is more isolated than ever.

The Former communist countries in central and Eastern Europe have been at the forefront of efforts to punish Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine, but Hungary has backed down, although Budapest has condemned Russia’s attack on its neighbors, but Refuses to accept EU sanctions against Russia.

The Hungarian leader, who for the past decade has expressed skepticism about the Western alliance spreading to the East, now Moscow and Beijing, is pleased with the policy he has played and his role.

The Ukrainian embassy in Berlin has asked the German government to provide Kyiv with tanks and warships to prevent a Russian invasion, a request that has been accepted by Germany, but President Putin has threatened that Germany will regret it if it tries to take action on weapons if they are sent military ammunition to Ukraine.

But Germany insists it is sending additional items to Ukraine’s list of applications, including infantry vehicles, artillery systems, self-propelled barges, air defense systems, helicopter gunships and support, reconnaissance and combat, drones and carriers.

On the other hand, according to WD News from Germany, the Russian authorities have moved to restrict access to a number of international media websites, including that of Deutsche Welle that they accuse of providing false information about Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

Websites of the BBC, the independent news website Medusa and the Russian-language website of the US-funded Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Svoboda, were also “limited” following a request from prosecutors, according to Russian media watchdog Roskomnadzor. Deutsche Welle has been able to confirm that access to its website from Russia has been blocked since early Friday morning, and that its services can be used only by employing a VPN or circumvention tool.

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