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Herds in Somaliland: In the north towards the Somaliland coast, thousands of goats, sheep, cows and even drought-hardy camels are buried in mass graves. Photograph: James Jeffrey

Paris(ANN)-Since the beginning of this year, Somaliland, an autonomous territory in the Horn of Africa, has been ravaged by severe drought. As eighty percent of the region’s livestock has already succumbed to the shortage of water, millions of people are facing imminent famine. Although aid agencies are doing what they can to help, they are crippled by the fact that Somaliland is not recognised by the international community, meaning it is not eligible to tap into vital funds from the World Bank or the IMF. reporter  France 24.



France 24’s Julie Dungelhoeff and Nicolas Germain met some of the many men and women who are struggling to survive in what has been branded as Somaliland’s driest year in living memory.

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