Tehran(ANN)-Tehran’s Friday Khatib Ahmad Khatami called for unity among st Muslims, Sunnis and Shias, against the conspiracies of the great powers so as not to allow a rift in the nation because of America, which he accused of “supporting terrorism”.

Khatami said this would mean “Shias and Sunnis unite together, depending on their constituents, against enemies who are targeting the foundation of Islam.”

“By its unity, the Islamic world will give a powerful blow to the United States,” he said.

He went on to criticise how US President Donald Trump stigmatised the Iranian people for “terrorism” and said that “Trump’s remarks are very silly. The whole world knows that America is the terrorist and the sponsor of terrorism.”

“It is they [America] who send terrorists to Syria,” he added.

Despite his call for unity, Khatami accused Saudi Arabia of being a “puppet of America” ​​that had a key role in every terrorist act in the Muslim world.

He also accused the Saudi authorities of “committing war crimes” in Yemen. “The crimes committed by the Al Saud family in Yemen are very brutal. They unjustly call themselves the Custodians of the Two Holy Mosques, while they are actually the traitors of the Two Holy Mosques.”