London(ANN)-As the British government struggles to get the grips with the country’s escalating coronavirus crisis, there are growing signs and indications the establishment wants to open a propaganda war with unfriendly foreign states by way of a distraction.

The propaganda effort is led by armed forces minister, and Conservative MP for Wells (Somerset), James Heappey.

Heappey, who is a former army officer, has been using his tweeter feed to fight what he calls “disinformation” on the deadly COVID-19 disease.

But some of what Heappey calls “disinformation”, notably plans to potentially deploy the army on the streets of London, are in fact plans drawn up by the British government and the armed forces.

In a sign that a faction of the ruling Tories – in tandem with their allies in the military – are in fact more interested of creating disinformation of their own (as opposed to fighting it), Heappey appeared on Sky News today to give credence to unsubstantiated allegations that the Russians are orchestrating a coronavirus-related propaganda war against the UK.

Some people just get wrong end of stick, some are (annoyingly) sharing ridiculous stuff to extend social media following, & others are doing it to deliberately sow disinformation. Good piece here from @haynesdeborah.

The activity of Heappey and his allies in the military and the British media point to a concerted effort by a section of the British establishment to use the coronavirus outbreak to escalate tensions with Russia.

The propaganda war is deemed to be useful at a time when Britain appears to be sliding into chaos – as evidenced by panic shopping and a general sense of anxiety – in the face of the ruling Tories inability to contain the crisis.    

Source: Presstv