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The United States is using a policy of brinkmanship against North Korea in order to deploy more troops and nuclear weapons to South Korea, Japan, and Guam, political commentator and international lawyer Barry Grossman says.

Grossman, who is based on the Indonesian island of Bali, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Thursday while commenting on recent US war threats against North Korea.

Last week, President Donald Trump said the US would rain “fire and fury” on North Korea, which some interpreted as threatening the country with a preemptive nuclear attack. A day later, he doubled down on his threat saying a military option against North Korea is “locked and loaded.”

In response to Trump’s dire warnings, North Korea said it was “carefully examining” a plan to strike the American Pacific territory of Guam with missiles.

The North Korean military said it could carry out a pre-emptive strike if there were signs of an American provocation.

Recent reports in the Western media have suggested that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been hiding for weeks. The reports speculated that it could mean that Kim is preparing for a nuclear conflict with the US.

‘Where is North Korea leader Kim Jong-un?’


This picture taken on August 14, 2017 and released from North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on August 15, 2017 shows North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (C) inspecting the Command of the Strategic Force of the Korean People’s Army (KPA) at an undisclosed location.

Grossman said, “So the Atlantic World media is asking, ‘Where is North Korea leader Kim Jong-un?’”

“Well if a global super power was threatening to go to war against the USA, the standard protocols would see the president whisked away to a safe and undisclosed place, so there is no reason to assume – as the Atlantic World Infotainment sector is doing – that the North Korean Leander’s disappearance is part of some preparation to launch a suicide attack on territory claimed by the USA,” he told Press TV.

“Indeed, it would be the height of folly for him not to take special measures to avoid the Hellfire missiles that have his name written all over them,” he stated.

‘No war anytime soon on Korean peninsula’


“That said, let’s be clear. There will be no war anytime soon on the Korean peninsula since even the USA cannot pay the political price of getting 500,000 innocent South Koreans char-broiled as a result of American hubris. Rather all this posturing, in my opinion, will simply see the US station more personnel and some nuclear warheads in and around South Korea, Japan, and Guam,” the analyst observed.

“They might even manage to get yet another military base in the area and will certainly use this manufactured emergency to continue the long running strategy of getting allies to spend more on defense, which means more dollars in the coffers of the US-based corporations that make up the biggest defense related sector on the planet,” he noted.

“The lesson in all of this is that in today’s hostile, the US dominated world, nothing works quite as well as a nuclear capability when it comes to keeping the Empire’s hostile military machine at bay, bearing in mind that the Pax Americana we have always been promised is about anything but peace,” Grossman concluded.