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Press Release


SNUC is making this press release to reject the various misleading and confused Statements published by the Opposition parties and the Chair of the Upper House of Somalia Senator Abdi Hashi.

These statements are calling for transfer of the responsibility for holding the election of the parliamentarians from Somaliland to the chair of the Upper House Senator Abdi Hashi.

However,The upcoming election in Somalia will be held according to the agreement reached in Mogadishu between the Somali President, the heads of the Regional States and the Benadir Administration.

SNUC rejects all these confused and politically bias proposals. SNUC fully supports the agreement reached between the Somali President, the heads of regional States and the Benadir Administration. The agreement was approved by the Somali parliament.

We see any suggestion to make changes to the approved agreement as an ill-motivated attempt to disrupt the ongoing electoral process.

We consider the proposal as a prejudice and favoritism; it lacks any kind of legal bases and it is just a demonstration of political illiteracy of the parties supporting it. Basic facts to keep in mind.
The election of the Somaliland Parliamentarians in Somalia has always been the responsibility of the Federal Government. It has never been the responsibility of an individual candidate. Senator Abdi Hashi is a candidate running for keeping his seat.

There is nothing special that connects Senator Hashi to Somaliland. He is not elected by Somaliland administration nor the senators from Somaliland. He is just one of the senators from Somaliland, but he is the chair of the upper house elected by the Somali senators in the upper house. Senator Hashi, as the chair of the upper house has already supported the agreement. Holding elections shall always be the responsibility of the President and his Government.

It is a shame that so-called political parties, with no sense of what an election is and who holds elections are confusing the public. They seem not even understand what their role as political parties is.

If they would know better in politics, they would have asked to be part of the negotiations in the first place and before the agreement was signed.

If they understand the role of the government, they would have never suggested that an individual candidate to be responsible for holding the elections.

Finally, SNUC calls for an remediate stop of all these confused statements.

We urge the Federal Government of Somalia to safeguard the rights of all candidates and hold the best possible election for the Somali people.

Somali Northern Unionist Council (SNUC) comprises of unionist politicians, academics, women and youth from the Northern Regions of Somalia who support the Somali unity. SNUC has extensive support in all regions of northern Somalia /Somaliland. We have widespread support from the diaspora who are from the northern regions of Somalia who live in the European