The Unfolding Bad Karma of Ethiopian Civil Wars

By. Ibrahim Hassan Gagale

The Ethiopian major ethnic groups are deeply hostile to one another for historical domination, oppression and repression which may make the current Abyssinian civil wars long and devastating. Also, the Ethiopian long time dominated, stifled, crushed and oppressed majority may not be quelled any more and their roaring awakening may lead Ethiopia to become another Yugoslavia or Soviet Union.

If PM Abiye Ahmed defeats the regular troops of Tigray, will he be able to defeat Tigray Guerrilla Warfare in the Tigrayan rugged mountains? That is the million dollar question. Other ethnic groups may follow in suit. Long-drawn civil wars may lead to Ethiopia breakup into independent states to break the overdue bad karma.

Of all dominated ethnic groups of Ethiopia, Somalis are the most
humiliated and oppressed for not allowed to elect or choose their federal and regional representatives but nominated by Addis Ababa.

Also oppressed in freedom of speech and press, peaceful demonstrations, banking system, electricity, water supply, roads, communications, federal army and police etc. Even they are not allowed to go near their own oil fields or work at them. They almost live in virtual bondage.

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Ibrahim Hassan Gagale
November 5, 2020