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Greek Lemon Potatoes Have a Secret Ingredient

Araweelo News Network These Greek Lemon Potatoes Have a Secret Ingredient (It Makes Them Truly Life-Changing) By. Ivy Manning, Kitchn  When I went to dinner parties (back when those were a thing), I was always hesitant to ask for the

How to Break a Reading Slump

Araweelo News Network By. Jordan Calhoun, Lifehacker  Lately, I can’t manage to finish a book. I’ve been here before. While I normally read a book or two a week, I sometimes find myself in a reading slump lasting weeks—or even

Hidden Histories of Presidential Medical Dramas

Araweelo News Network By. Alex Dalenberg, Pocket Collections   There has been nothing in American history quite like the President of the United States being infected with a potentially deadly virus amid a global pandemic less than a month before

Doctors Tell Me I Have COVID. Why Won’t the Tests?

Araweelo News Network By. Julia Ioffe, GQ She’s been sick for over a month with what doctors long-ago diagnosed as COVID. So why has Julia Ioffe repeatedly tested negative—and what does her search for answers tell us about the faith

Iran prepares 14 million flu vaccine doses to cope with COVID-19 complications

Araweelo News Network   Tehran(ANN)-The Iranian health ministry is preparing 14 million flu vaccine doses as part of its efforts to head off complications that might impact the healthcare system in the country in the autumn and winter if people

Dumarku Xilliga Da’ada ay ku dhalmo daayaan mala kordhin karaa?

Araweelo News Network Daraasad Rajo u muujisay Haweenka Warbixin cusub oo ay qayb ka yihiin Dagan Wells, oo ah Barre Jaamacaddood oo  ka tirsan kulliyadda arrimaha taranka ee jaamacadda Oxford ee Britan iyo xeel-dheerayaal kale oo ku takhasusay arrimaha dhalmada

Mosquito-borne virus suspected in Michigan: health officials

Araweelo News Network Just when you thought mosquitos couldn’t be more of a nuisance. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services announced Tuesday that an adult man had likely contracted a rare and potentially deadly mosquito-borne virus. Officials said

Somaliland Frankincense Why It’s Called The ‘King Of Oils’

Araweelo News Network   By Emily Laurence   The best way to know if frankincense oil is beneficial for you is simply to try it. And if the woodsy scent isn’t for you, rest assured that there are plenty of other essential

Sent Home to Die

by Annie Waldman and Joshua Kaplan   ProPublica is a nonprofit newsroom that investigates abuses of power. Sign up to receive our biggest stories as soon as they’re published. Sarah Johnson spent her entire life taking care of people —

Vitamin D Determines Severity in COVID-19

Researchers from Trinity College Dublin are calling on the government in Ireland to change recommendations for vitamin D supplements. Ireland, Dublin (ANN)-A new publication from Dr. Eamon Laird and Professor Rose Anne Kenny, School of Medicine, and the Irish Longitudinal

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