A critical personal message to the general public and security services in Somaliland.

A vital cautionary message that should be disseminated within the community.

This short report is intended to provide an overview of a vital cautionary message that needs to be disseminated within the community. It is of utmost importance for the safety of all residents of Somaliland.


The Harti Alliance militias and terrorist groups have been conducting training sessions, using numerous innocent children and other militias, with the purpose of turning them into suicide bombers. These activities have taken place within schools and colleges in Laascaanood.

Furthermore, they are actively planning covert assassinations, as they have done over the past 15 years, targeting government officials and influential individuals within Somaliland, specifically concentrating on those officials from the Sool region.


It is essential that the public and security services are made aware of the situation. All members of the public should report any suspicious activities to the security agencies. The police and other security agencies should be notified about new arrivals and unfamiliar individuals, particularly property owners of rented accommodations, B&Bs, and hotels.

Border security agencies are urged to conduct thorough investigations by screening all individuals entering the country. Vehicles entering the country must be subjected to rigorous searches using weapons screening equipment to detect any hidden weapons or explosives. Complete inspections of all trucks are also of utmost importance.


The security services of the Somaliland government are highly vigilant in this regard. However, they cannot accomplish everything single-handedly without the support and involvement of the wider public. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the community shares this vital cautionary message.

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Ahmed Yasin Mohamed Jama