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#Joe Biden@Kamala Harris: Congratulation For the New President and vice President of USA



On behalf of the Somaliland Advocacy group and Somaliland People, would like to congratulate you and your vice warmly on your victory as its 46th Presidentof the United States of America.  To express to our warm congratulation on your historic election as President of the United States of America.

The American People have appointedand entrusted you with a great responsibility we offer our prayers that God give you strength and wisdom to meet the coming challenge.  Your impressive victory proves that the course you have adopted as well as the domestic and the foreign policy you pursue meet the expectations of the overwhelming majority of the American people. 

The election result will re-ignite faith in democracy worldwide, but especially in Africa. America is confronting many uncertainties we pray that you will use the power of your office to defend the most vulnerable among us and heal the division in the America and the world.

We offer our best wishes as you lead your country forward and build a better future for the American People.

Your continual support in Africa is greatly appreciated.  The humanitarian involvement in Somaliland, the advancement of democracy in Africa, these courageous chapters of United States correcting wrongs is now part of our African History.

Our situation could present a successful model for you.  With a particular eye on the current US Political and mood of its citizens.   Please consider Somaliland’s present conditions with possible solutions via passive but secondary involvement by your administration.

Somaliland and the United States share strategic interests and an excellent, longstanding partnership.

We have long supported US presence in the region of Horn of Africa, which has underwritten regional peace and stability for decades.

Somaliland has once again demonstrated the impressive vitality of its democratic institutions.

Somaliland is looking forward to continue engagement with you and your Government. And I hope that you will have the opportunity to meet in the near future our head of state to discuss in the spirit of exceptional friendship that exists between our nations that relationship between Somaliland and United States.

We wish you and your Government every success and look forward to continue consolidating our strategic partnership.

We stand ready to work with you in defense and support of the life and dignity of every human person. Best wishes in leading USA to great achievements in the coming years.

May Allah “GOD” bless you and your Vice-President.