The Importance Of The Coming Somaliland National Elections for the new parliamentary representatives



The continuation of Somaliland Elections is not only fundamental but also a constitutional right and any politicised attempts to put off or obstruct in any fashion or form will be disastrous and unconstitutional failures. Any election postponement, god forbid, will be catastrophic to the hard earning Somaliland    achievements politically and economically and a treat to the peace and stability that the nation enjoyed in the past thirty years, Hence, the Somaliland government has the responsibility to assure that elections take place and on Schedule. It’s also entirely the government responsibility to make certain that all the subjects raised in equal parliamentary representations are resolved as soon as possible. All Somaliland populations of voting age and inhabiting in every region will have the chance to exercise their constitutional rights to elect the person they may support. Even so, any raised  grievances or concerns raised by certain individuals or community should be considered on the basis of the constitution and Somaliland laws.


Somaliland nation must realise that elections are not solely a political process, but also a continuation of peace and economic developments



Somaliland brief history and achievements accomplished



Somaliland’s current peaceful, political and economical development accomplishments couldn’t have reached or achieved without the nation’s collective support and a creative solutions to the challenges posed by the past conflicts, therefore if any concerns exist or raised at anytime, then those concerns should be dealt with and sorted out through dialogues and within boundaries of the laws of the land.


No government, party, region or community groups have the right authority to put any obstacles, obstruction or postponements to any given election, they have rights to raise concerns or a grievances where the rule of law and constitution is applied, the current equal parliamentary representatives grievances that was raised by some community groups recently requires both time and a huge financial means. It is of paramount importance to understand that it is impossible that all regions will have an equal numbers of reps as it will depend on the sizes of regions and the numbers of the regional population, therefore,the only way to solve the current complaints for equal reps is to conduct a population count for all country regions to determine the number of reps that each region will own or possess.


Looking back In the past thirty years, Somaliland overwhelmingly succeeded to resolve their differences through dialogue and consensus agreements. Somaliland elders primary aim was and still is to guide, influence and assert the current political and economic developments as a of result culturally  reflective, traditional methodologies and  organised conflict resolution procedures. All along, adopting  localised discussions and grand meetings in addition to creating a conducive environment for institutional construction and peace development to the forefront as an alternative to armed violence and conflict.


Every effort towards peace building process was established by the citizens under the leadership of elders to ensure the continuation of Somaliland  peace-building process.


The elder’s vision, commitment, and wisdom have since paved the way to the success of nationwide general stability and functioning government administration, Unlike, our neighbour Somalia, where their country is falling under a bloody, devastated and never ending thirty years of complete disorder, chaos and confusion, internal conflict and with the help of billions of dollars of international taxpayers’ money that made the situation deteriorated and worsened. We ask Allah to help them stand on their feet aamiin


If any, conflict arises at some stage within a certain party, parliament or even in particular governmental institutions, tried and tested mediation and arbitration mechanisms based on consensus building traditional approaches in conjunction with related democratic principles were immediately applied. That approach seeks to promote consensus finding and compromise to solve all kinds of differences.


The effective traditional approach has solved for all Somaliland conflicts – often through the Guurti -led processes to reconcile almost all conflicts in Somaliland, including political conflicts. The time has now come to Somaliland to apply and solve all grievances or concerns though the fruitful native approaches.




Somaliland was blessed and praised a growing and unprecedented civil society frameworks and structures along with a relatively vibrant democracy and accountability to the Rule of Law. Since 1991.


Since Somaliland’s pure fallacy, deception, miscalculation, misjudgement  and a crazy unification with the former Italian Somalis in June 1960, Somaliland has not only suffered loss of lives and assets, but to this day still bled in through to many tough, unpleasant and the most painful cruelty, Somaliland went through the most unthinkable difficult obstacle hurdles, apart from the  losses of the accounted and known thousands of lives witnessed and recorded by the international bodies in the struggle, to this day thousands of skeleton of dead bodies remains found in the grounds, bodies that are tied together and side by side, thousands of dead bodies remains are continuously unearthed and discovered in the most horrific way by the annual rainfalls are recorded by Somaliland government with the help and in the presence of the United Nations forensics investigators ,international bodies and other independent international observers.


After that silly, unnecessary haste, unconditional and unintelligent unification with the Italian Somalis, Somaliland paid thirty years of unprecedented hefty price to regain once again for their lost independence, tens of thousands of innocent people were killed, towns were destroyed and flattened and hundreds of thousands of somaliland hard earned assets were looted..


Though not internationally recognised, Somaliland has a functioning political system, government institutions, a police force and its own currency.

The nation has collectively worked hard for peace and as a result of the hard work, Somaliland escaped much of the deadly, chaos and evil  violence  for the past thirty years


The international community praised, admired and adored Somaliland’s continued successes towards peace and stability. Somaliland was highly and officially commended by the international community as a beacon of peace and a pouch of security and stability in the entire African continent especially in the troubled and chaotic Horn of Africa , in absence of external help, fund or a formal recognition managed  creating a functioning governments and societal institutions that strongly suit the values and needs of Somaliland people.



Since 1991, Somaliland has had the fortune to live peacefully by the grace of the Almighty God, the Somaliland nation as a whole enjoyed peace and tranquility and had  a functioning government.


In 1991, since Somaliland reclaimed and declared its independence, Somaliland has managed and successfully built what has become without any doubts or exaggerations the best democratic country in the Horn of Africa, a beacon of peace and a genuine democracy in the entire African continent and beyond, Since Somaliland withdrawal from that illegal union with Somalia in June 1960.


What has been the outcome of all the emphasis on democratization?


Somaliland has had five successful presidential elections since 1991.

A constitutional referendum was held in Somaliland in 2001.

Somaliland’s ratification and agreement on a national constitution in 2001 paved the way for Somaliland’s first multi-party elections.


Somaliland successfully managed to go from a complexity of armed gorillas, tribal groups and clansman political power  vacuum, soon afterwards, as many as six or more political associations were formed in the midst of a state of some armed civil groups and some unrest, in preparation for democratic elections. Three political parties were formed at least, Since Somaliland constitution clearly stipulates that only three political parties can legally exist in the nation at any time, The three parties who gained the most votes were awarded exclusive legitimacy as the political parties to contend elections for the subsequent ten years.


The sole principle, purpose behind the  three-party restriction was to prevent the proliferation or escalation of a big number of clan-based parties and encourage cross-clan parties.

Five presidential elections, parliamentary, and local council that has led to smooth and peaceful transfers of political might was held




Somaliland has achieved a remarkable degree of peace and stability where some heavyweight western countries and other international communities admire Somaliland achievements openly without a hesitation Somaliland is praised as the most stable part of the Horn as well as the entire African continent, unlike many African neighbours and middle east countries, Somaliland enjoys a relative peace and stability.


Somaliland people had done a tremendous job towards peace and democracy, Somaliland’s endless and hard work towards peace-building process earned them of its current success level.

Most of Somaliland’s founding and highly successful principles were established at Burao conference, the national Borama Conference of 1993. The Hargeisa Conference in 1996 and 1997 which resulted the establishment of Somaliland constitution, with the aim of moving Somaliland from a clan based system of multiparty democracy. Since then Somaliland has had democratic elections witnessed and evaluated by the international community, Somaliland has established a multiparty system and chose three national parties, Somaliland successfully elected its fifth president recently


It’s peace-building process and the steps taken to reach peace and stability couldn’t have been possible without the will of the entire nation ownership, especially the elders sincere, heartfelt and genuine feelings.


The elders complete innovation drive and  approach rooted in old traditional way of solving problems is the results of what Somaliland has accomplished over the past thirty years, Somaliland’s strong tradition of bottom-up processes, including local reconciliation, negotiations and national peace-building conferences is the results of the current Somaliland success situation


Hence, due to Somaliland’s unprecedented experience for the peace building success, the international community and international bodies has learned a great deal of Somaliland’s problem solving and peace building methodology , the international community extrapolated and learned unknown situations where they also learned some important lessons as to  how post-conflict nations, like Somaliland, can return to peace and stability within themselves and without any interference from outside world, therefore, Somaliland’s innovative and momentum trend

must be maintained, progressively kept, retained and to be continued.


Following the collapse of the Somali Republic in 1991, Somaliland began its attempts to rebuild and consolidate power and establish democratic systems in the hopes of gaining international recognition. Since 2002, there has been growing international involvement and increased donor funding and advocacy for Somaliland’s democratisation process. Firm support has been committed to strengthening Somaliland’s resilience and capability as a functioning democracy. While the international community has offered considerable support to the democratisation process – particularly with assistance for elections and institutional capacity-building – Somaliland has always mobilised continued good will and finances for moving ahead with such processes. Additionally, Somaliland held a constitutional referendum in 2002 and 2003  without the financial patronage of the international community.




My advise on Somaliland Elections?


Any move to postpone the elections will be a disastrous politically as well as economically and a treat to the peace, stability and solidarity that the nation enjoyed since its birth, I know and it might be really tight to hold the elections, but, I also believe it’s doable if there is a desire to do so providing with lots of energy and efforts.


My humble and sincere advice to all Somalilanders, especially the young generation of Somaliland, who notably are the  majority of this country to advocate and participate to be  part of the process,  it’s indeed the young generations future as well as the country future, it is indeed a chance to select and elect a parliament and local councils who will take this country and its people’s forward, it is a chance for those of you who never voted previously to elect their representatives or to be elected by themselves , it’s opportunity not to be wasted, it’s an honour and an opportunity to select, elect and elected, it is of utmost importance for the democratic credentials and the stability of Somaliland.


Any challenges that might come, I am convinced that Somaliland will overcome any hurdles that arises same way as they dealt with them before, I am confident with the general nations popular commitment to Somaliland, I am also certain that the government will certainly mobilise people around addressing these raised issues. Altogether that is needed is coordinated mobilisation.

The challenge at present is for the government to make sure all elections occurs peacefully and population as the civil society to support the government


The international community’s eyes are as usual for us, the election date should and must be held on time and to be proceeded. “Any further delays will have denied Somaliland an opportunity to express themselves and will suffer repercussions.

The most significant point is that Somaliland needs to get into the habit of holding regular elections


The president has the ultimate and final constitutional power to fire both houses hundred days before the election date if concerns are not rectified, there are many, many reasons that I personally believe Somaliland  elections are vital for Somaliland sovereignty, consistency and integrity.



Important points to see what is going on behind the counter




  1. Some international bodies, including those whom you say are assisting us with the elections don’t want to see Somaliland’s success and continuations processes towards democracy. Allegedly the International Partners who are supporting Somaliland’s democratisation process has welcomed the Somaliland Political Parties’ agreement that was ratified last month, to conduct Local Council and Parliamentary Elections in 2020. But I don’t think they all want to see Somaliland moving forward for whatever reasons


  1. The majority of African countries also don’t want to see us go forward towards success, ESP some of our so-called neighbours


  1. The parliamentarians, for an obvious reason, also don’t want any elections to occur, they never wanted in the past 16 years. I never heard them talking or debating about an equal parliamentary representative before. They didn’t want to talk about an equal parliamentarian representations for the past 16 years that they sat in the Parliament House, as soon as they see that elections are on the horizon, you see flocks of people protesting on social media, what does that tell you, it’s an obvious to any sounded mind people, I personally believe the parliamentarians are the ones that are campaigning behind the scenes against the elections within their immediate clans or tribes. I am sure we are already seeing tons of noises in the media


  1. The local councillors also don’t entertain or desire the elections to hold place. In fact and without any doubt, it’s the part of parliamentarians who are protesting and pushing some community to protest behind the curtains. It’s entirely their desire that they do want to keep on their parliament positions for another decade


  1. The National parties Kulmiye, Wadani and Ucid already agreed and ratified the agreement recently. They are the only ones that seem to be ready for elections. It’s an apparent and an obvious to them that it’s in their benefit that this particular election happens in time. They are well aware the implications and consequences it may get to them. The simple reason is that they know and it is a fact that they can lose out or fail next year’s newly awaited parties. Their agreement will give an opportunity for the NEC as well as the government and all other international partners to accelerate and advance their preparations for the elections



  1. Grievances, protest or complaints on equal opportunities or equal parliamentary representatives must be rectified and resolved. Any city or regional grievances must and should be dealt with and settlement of agreements should be reached, we cannot afford to ignore any regional complaints or grievances, the government is responsible to sit and settle any regional protest or disputes, any protest or a complaints are a constitutional rights for all and must be heard and sorted in a manner where all parties are satisfied with the outcomes, I wholeheartedly agree and welcome any protest or grievances for power sharing or the number of parliamentarians that each region should possibly possess or owned. Somaliland’s continued regional complaints of PowerSharing for the government’s political and managerial positions as well as all region’s equal shares of infrastructure funds and equal parliamentary and council representatives agreement must be agreed and settled upon, the only way of reaching a general agreement and settlement for this is to count the population for good, bearing in mind and because the difference in number of each region population, some regions can gain more seats while some regions can lose seats in the lawmakers after the population of each region is counted, however, counting the population needs more time and cannot be done in a few months, it also needs a huge amount of money to be allocated, it will need a professional people to be arranged and trained, it also needs an international observers so the population counting is fair and genuinely right and just, the counting is very important but shouldn’t in anyway or form become an obstacle or obstruction or a stumbling blockage for this years expected elections . Somaliland needs to move forward, There shouldn’t be any obstacles for the election to be held, my humble advise to all Somaliland regions is that the elections must be held on time by using the previous parliament figures that we have already used in earlier elections then, afterwards,to correct this dispute, It is incumbent upon the government to conduct counting the population right after this election.     Let us not forget that Somaliland is a Democratic country that has managed so many elections in the past 30 years.  Nearly, it’s now sixteen years from the previous parliamentary representative calculations, in these 16 years, the population has increased to four or five percent, therefore, representative from all regions will also increase after the population count is completed. My advice to Somaliland government and the lawmakers is to increase the number of the parliamentarian representative as soon as the total population count is concluded


  1. As usual, villa Somalia is really busy trying to do damage, as always, to Somaliland unity, they openly organising meetings with Somaliland traitors in Mogadishu. This poster has been dispersed and distributed in the social media recently?



  1. International communities desire to engage more in Somaliland.




Another point that needs rectifying is power sharing


Last but not least, the other point that is so paramount to consider and mention here is the fact that, in Somaliland, minority groups are the ones that suffer most in the political domain. Minorities suffer from a cycle of discrimination and exclusion from national, political, and social life in Somaliland with limited admission to political power and social services. All minority groups should and must have an adequate representation in politics, in the leadership and decision-making processes, it is a significant factor in breaking this cycle of inequity and establishing a properly just, democratic, and peaceful society. No matter if one clan is small or large, they all need to be involved in all governmental institutions


This upcoming election must get underway and cannot under-no circumstances be postponed if Somaliland has the desire to move forward rather than backward


The views expressed in this article belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Araweelo News Network.

By. Ahmedyasin Mohamed Jama