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There have been serious threats from the Russian Kremlin presidential palace where the Russian ironic president have threatened on Friday that Russia will use the disastrous weapon of mass distractions if the western Alliances continue their interventions of the Russia’s National security in Ukraine. Russia believes that Ukraine is part of the greater USSR and it never recognizes the sovereignty of the Ukraine and all other smaller republics whom gained their independence from Russia when the USSR collapsed in early and mid 1990’s.

the international expert of the political analysts have told that Putin’s threats of the weapon of mass distractions are not falsehoods threats. This means that the ironic Russian president can use the nuclear power If the western Alliances continue to endanger Russia’s National security.

The Russian army have reached great achievements in it’s invasions of the Ukrainian territories but the western owned media streams are trying their best to misguide the world from such those facts. they do present falsehood images stating that the Russian army in Ukraine have been completely destroyed. This is a plain propaganda and falsehoods Information indeed.

The reason why the Russian state house of Kremlin threatening for the usage of the disastrous weapons of nuclear is when the NATO alliances try to enter Ukrainian territories in their intentions of helping the Ukrainian army. That’s the suitable moment when Russians will use their nuclear power against any other western European countries and even against the U.S.A herself. Russia is not joking for the protection of her national security and her places of the restoration of the great powerful Nation of Russia.

VLADIMIR Putin have earlier promised his restoration of the great nation of ( USSR), this is a very bad news for the smaller republics whom gained their in-dependencies from collapsed Nation of USSE in 1990’s . The threat of the usage of a nuclear power in which Putin have threatened goes directly to every enemy Nations whom are likely will reject in the future of the dreams restoration of the great Nation of USSR.

If Russia wins it’s project in Ukraine, the project of the restoration of the republics whom gained the independence from the USSR will go forward. Mark my words the struggle of restorations of those republics at the hands of the ironic Russia will continue. Russia is ready for this war and it will never stop until the greater nation of USSR will be restored. So things are far deeper than how might guess. The western media outlets are misleading the world for not enlightening the realities that exists on the ground.

By. Ambassador Deeq Ibrahim
Political Analyst