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To every Somali citizen who dreams about the eliminations Al-Shabaab from Somalia. Let me frankly tell you that it will be hard to be eliminated with them as long as they hold powerful Government positions in the Government cabinets.

Mahad salaad the current officer of the Somalia National intelligence Services (NISA) was a well known member of Al-Shabaab. The current minster of the ministry of Islamic religion sheikh Mukhtaar Robow was the 2dn founding Father of Al-shabaab Al-Shabaab Network. So how dare will the Somalia Government will eliminate that terrorist network as they long hold a powerful positions in the Somali Government cabinets ? This is a big question mark that the Somalia Government should answer from it.


Benadir region’s deputy police commander Farhan Qarole has been assassinated on Sunday , 2nd October in 2022. Mogadishu capital is city of Banadir region too.

The young deputy police commander of Banadir Region was heading his way to Basra village in Hiiran region where he intended to take part a following military campaign of libations from Al-Shabaab terrorist group from the central regions of Somalia, especially the Hiiraan region. The Somalia National army in help of the armed local militia launched a military operations in those central regions of the country.

No one really known who really behind Farhan Qarole’s murder because there was no an independent and a trustworthy investigations his murder case stating it was Al-shabaab who was behind his murder. so far it’s not clear the real culprits whom killed him.

The suspects can be even regarded the same Government officials whom have a Political related enmity towards him. so it’s very impossible for those secretive criminals to mislead the Somali people when they easily say it was Al-shabaab who murdered him. so the only solution that can be identified to the culprits is an independent intelligence investigations.

Unfortunate there is no crime investigation systems. To be honest about Somalia security situations it’s not only Al-Shabaab terrorist group that commit a well planned heinous crimes but there are so many secretive criminals whom do commit serious crimes against the innocent citizen of this country. So there must be an independent crime investigations before easily declarations ether Al-Shabaab was behind every planned crimes. this is not logic at all because Al-Shabaab is part of Somalia’s problems, but it’s not whole the problem in this country.

Let other hidden criminals and culprits not hide their evil crimes the cover of Al-shabaab network. this is what I am warning all the times.

According to my opinion Farhan Qarole has been assassinated by means of a political reasons from his old political rivals in the current Government. In the Past 5 years Commander Farhan Qarole worked with the Farmaajo administrations and the current cabinets of president Hasan Sheikh Mohamud’s Government were a rival oppositions against him and his firmer administration (i.e Farmaajo Administration ). all the times they used to accuse Farhan Qarole that he and his police colleagues have attacked them and that he used the power of the Police against them.

So it’s seems to me as if they were avenged from him. they are also trying revenge from any person whom worked with the Farmaajo administration. This is why i firstly put my first suspects on that murder from the current Government officials. so these cases must be well investigated by the Somalia police and the National intelligence institutions before accusing those crimes to any other parties like Al-Shabaab terrorist Network.

I am not defending here Al-shabab terrorist movement but what I need is a justice , a trustworthy and a neutral crime investigation process in our country in order we capture the real criminals and culprits at last.

Dr.Ahmed Hasan Saalah