Good day Mr. Jama, Araweelo News Network Editor

I hope this finds you well. I wanted to approach your platform to perhaps interview a woman in South Africa named Amina Mahamoud Suldan. In a nutshell:

She arrived in South Africa in 1992. Her children became the first Somali graduates and she was an illiterate hawker.

Was one of the first people to help build organisations such as Somali Association of South Africa (SASSA) and other organisations in order to assist her Somali and Somaliland extended family.

Has been fighting for women’s rights for over forty years. Whenever delegates come from Somaliland they request for her by name. However she is not receiving credit for being the activist she is. To this day, in South Africa she is known by the women as the voice of the Somali and Somaliland women.

She is also on the committee for Somaliland here in South Africa. I truly believe she deserves for her story to be heard.

Uniting Somaliland and South Africa, Amina Suldan has earned the respect of her people. As a Humanitarian I feel it is my duty to give a voice where the same  society she fights for has clearly attempted to not given her the recognition she deserves.  I would like to interview her for your website Araweelo News Network
Thank you for your time.

AK Ahmed

Professional Writer
Nationally and Internationally Published

Humanitarian/Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA)