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So-Call International the UN, AU and The Arab Organization Never Learn Their Mistakes In Somalia

With all my respect of the international, African Unity, and the Arab Organization who are trying hard bring about peace and tranquility to the Somali people, I forward my humble contributions to the fatal issue as a member of the concerned.


May be I am wrong, but I see blood being shed again with in the remains of the so-call Somali community after a drastic twenty nine and more years of continuous mass destruction of human, wealth and natural  resources.  

The motives were the same however the tactics very.  Unfortunately, the wars and the fighting’s in these almost thirty years were either international, interboundarial or otherwise interclass or clan.  In the cases the poor Somali people were the players of the battle games on their own grounds masterminded by the same budget investors and weapon industry owners.


The war dance and the music never change until not only a dull person like me but a typical camel boys or cow boy or sheepherder can today foresee and feel the smell of the blood planned to be shed for maybe known or unknown reasons.  Strange enough, unfortunately, it is the peacemakers that being the war.  It is a Somali wording says “Soo Sakaaro Ima Barato “, which is mean “whenever an antelope sees me it runs, it never learns”, said by one man who never hunts.  What I mean is that the co-called international, the UN, AU and The Arab Organization never ever learn from their own recent prior disastrous mistakes.


The speeches of the so-call Somali president and proposal of the UN, AU and AO are the typical music of future coming blood sheds.   This foreknowledge was the prediction of many experts of the Somali methodology who repeated warning about the consequence of such quick haphazard decisions of Somali unity or peace.  The International creates new Somali warlords and reinvent past errors.


Let me say if you think that one plus one is two,  that is the mistake you are making every time.  In Somalia one plus one is five.  So Call International, UN, AU and AO.  I think the Somali people doesn’t need scholar of peace, but they need creators of peace.  The Somali people do not need peace makers but they need peaceful people.  If you are preparing war whenever you need peace, you are not making peace.


So Call International, UN, AU and AO, if you want to bring the Somali government of yesterday to existence then I am sure you are in a daydream just like the Arta group and the host government Djibouti.  Why not? Because yesterday includes the past and the past never come back.  Yesterday is not either today or tomorrow.  If you can bring back or retain the old Somali unity or government then you can bring back the lunar eclipse over the World of the day of your power.  That will never happen.  But if you want to try to bring about a new sort of Somali government which could be far different from the previous ones of the past that can also be much better or even  worse, then you are right on the path.




So Call International UN , AU and AO, the development of human always negated the compulsion of the unity of any two or more state and that is why we have the word “ Freedom”, “ Independence”, “Dictatorship”, “ Nation”, and so money other words of that sort in our languages and dictionaries.   I don’t think that the people that belong to the some race, language or religion must be united. 

If it is so then the score of Arabian countries are more suitable to be united and become one Arabian country as they used to be before.  Instead they are so many and some of them are radical enemies.  Taiwan and china are also more suitable to be one state then the so-called Somali folk.


My dear International UN, AU and AO, I think you have best knowledge of the problem brought about to be united because of the illegal amalgamations and unites of the nations.  The unites of North Ireland to UK, the Eta to Spain, the Spanish’s Sahara to Morocco, Chechnya to Russia and East Timor to Indonesia, have only contributed nothing or even worse to the meaning of unity in the sense of your responsibilities of the union of the nations.  The example of such cases can exceed fifty.


We say in our language “Hal xaaraani nirig xalaal ah ma dhasho”, which is mean “Unlawful unity can never bring about a democratic state”.  The unity of the Somaliland and Somalia was just like a rape and that is why it will never because to what you and your peacekeepers keep in mind. 

The Ill feeling and distrust of the Somali Landers since the first day of the union, the 1st of July 1960 is full in the literature of the Somaliland people.  The solution of the Somali problems is only and only in the recognition of Somaliland to full sovereignty and independence, then the rest of the Somali issue or crises will evaporate because of two main reasons:


  • Somaliland was the nucleus of the unity of the Ex-Somali Republic without which we are only looking hair over a bare scalp of a skeleton.
  • One plus one is not and will never be five. If you are uniting the five Somali parts, then Somaliland can negotiate for its rights. 


In my conclusion I advise the International community, United Nations, African Unity, and Arab Organization, to avoid adding wood to the extinguishing fire or gas to the burning camp and that’s the money you pay to kill in order to keep peace.  And the old Somali says “Nabad iyo Caano” means “Peace and Milk”