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Sharing mere ethnicity, religion, language, culture, traditions, color etc between two countries or more do not determine the creation of a union or federation or preserve the survivability of union or federation but only fair power-sharing and justice determine the success and survivability of union or federation and that is what Somalia failed to understand and respect during the miscalculated, disastrous union with Somalia.

Like Somalis, Arabs share ethnicity, religion, culture, color, traditions etc but , at the same time, disagreed to share union or federation. White Arabs have nearly eighteen countries (18) while Somalis have five (5). The Jordanian or Iraqi man or woman can not enter Egypt without legal documents to get job or rank or any other Arab country. Every Arab country is independent of other Arab countries with each country having their independent state, government, flag and recognition based on their colonial borders. Greater Arab, like Greater Somalia, does not work in the Arab World to enter another Arab country. Citizens of Morocco or Libya are not citizens of Greater Arab but they are citizens of their own countries and Somalis are not different from them. Citizens of Somaliland or Somalia are not citizens of greater Somalia.

Somaliland people endured 22 years (1960-1982) of power-sharing denial, persecution, oppression and injustice and 8 years (1982-1990) of all kinds of human rights abuses, atrocities and destructions.

Somaliland people are committed not to return to the dark years of the deceptive union (1960-1990) for another lip service, unkept false pledges that lead to another atrocities and destruction but to fiercely defend their country and sovereignty. Unions and federal systems are unsurvivable in Africa for being run by endless rampant tribal dictatorships, tribalism and corruption.

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Ibrahim Hassan Gagale.