By. Ibrahim Hassan Gagale

The talks are between Somaliland and Somalia only for sharing the failed union of 1960. Talks are not between Somaliland and Somaliland and that is why Somalilanders working for The Federal Government of Somalia or Somaliland expats or any other Somalilander are banned to represent Somalia in the talks. Somalia is involved in unacceptable deception for sending Somalilanders to represent Somalia in the talks.

Djibouti, N.F.D and Somali State in Ethiopia cannot participate in the talks between Somaliland and Somalia too because they were not part of the failed unification of 1960 and because talks are not between Somaliland and Somaliwein.

The leaders of Somalia seem to be naive and inexperienced. When they pledge Somaliland to have presidency or capital city to return to Somalia, they lack understanding and moral qualities. This proposal is an insult to the conscience of Somaliland people. Somaliland is a cause of a nation that wants to be independent for their own destiny. Somaliland is not away for conditions such as granting government position or capital city but Somaliland people adhere to reclaim their independence of 1960 after genocide and destruction.

Another point for reminder, Somaliland and Somalia can have exchange of cultural, academic, trade and sports etc only when they recognize each other as two independent sisterly states in the Horn of Africa. Somaliland can not have such exchange with Somalia before recognition for guarding its own sovereignty, stability and security.

Somaliland Government will never allow Regional Administration of Puntland of Federal Somalia to participate in the talks between Somaliland Republic and Federal Somalia. Puntland was part of the former Italian Colony of Somalia and shares history and territorial borders with it. The talks are not about clan lineage but about two countries. Puntland Administration is not different from Galmudug, Jubbaland and South-West Administrations.

Ibrahim Hassan Gagale

June 9, 2020.