The Star Of All Colors is “The late Said Dualeh” in brief
Aden(ANN)-Captain Said Dualeh is considered one of the best footballers in Aden in the middle of the last century, specifically the period of the sixties and seventies, the golden period and the beautiful time of football in Aden, and that period witnessed the emergence of Captain.

Said Duale alongside a glittering constellation Among the local stars who emerged during this period and were able to form the first nucleus in the establishment of Aden and Aden football in particular and specifically.

Al-Husseini team player in the sixties period, Captain “Said Duale”, who has Somali origins, is one of the few players who represented and wore the shirt of two different countries (Yemen and Somalia), he had more than one experience with football in Aden, Somalia, the Emirates and Egypt, through which he drew the features of a football player With world-class specifications and spherical grills still stuck in the minds of history.

He discovered the talent of “Dualeh”, one of his teachers, to choose him to move to Al-Husseini Club in Aden, and he played with him for a while and then moved to Al-Muhammadi Club, both of which later merged to form the Aden Club.

The real beginning for Captain “Said Duale” was from the gate of Al-Hussaini Club, one of the recognized clubs in the city of Crater in the sixties of the last century, and it is the Club that witnessed the birth of the star Said Dualeh and achieved with him the distinctive breakthrough that made him a star referred to as Lebanon, and an address of brilliance, During that time he won several football titles in Aden.

Captain Said Duala’s career with the Somali “Horsed” was a bus, and considered the golden period for him, and he achieved many achievements with him, perhaps the most important of which crowned the title of best player for three consecutive times in the African Continent Cup.

In spite of all these glories and championships, which he reaped in his bright and bright sporting history, the bright and honorable, he clung to his hometown (Aden) and returned to it yearning and longing and did not leave her until this moment.

In the year 75, the great star Said Duale had the opportunity to travel to the United Arab Emirates so that during his stay in the Emirates, he signed a professional contract with Al Wahda Club for one sporting season during which he was able to pull the rug from under the feet of many and contribute effectively with the rest of his teammates in achieving the best results for his team after he He revealed his tremendous abilities in all Emirati stadiums to score 30 goals in that season.

After that, he had a short experience in Arab Egypt, specifically a player in the White Castle, Zamalek club, where he played in his ranks in the sports season 77-78 in the Cup and League competition as a key player in the totality of the matches that his team Zamalek played in a wonderful constellation of Zamalek stars, and he had previously For the great star Said Duale, he played with the Aden national team a good match against the Egyptian national football team, during which the Aden national team opted to show off their skills on the field whatever the outcome of the meeting, so that the meeting ends with a wide victory over the Aden national team 14 goals, and the next day the meeting wrote the Egyptian press From that place An authority under the title: (Satisfy us in training and satiated them with goals).

A brief biography of the late Said Duale, who died today, may Allah have mercy on him.

Submitted to by journalist Arraale M. Jaama quoting Aden Time newspaper