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An activist says there is “ample evidence” proving that Saudi Arabia’s airstrikes in Yemen amount to war crimes.

The Saudis “are targeting ordinary civilians, even including children, they are targeting funerals and they are actually committing war crimes and the responsibility for this goes far beyond Saudi Arabia. Governments who are involved in the command structure of this world, including the United States and Britain, are equally responsible for these war crimes, and I do not know how far these sorts of activities of Saudis, which are clearly war crimes, are going to continue and why the world is silent still [in spite of] these barbaric acts against ordinary innocent people in Yemen,” Massoud Shadjareh, head of the Islamic Human Rights Commission, told Press TV in an interview on Friday.

The comments come as Human Rights Watch has lashed out at the Saudi-led coalition for its refusal to provide information on its role in the massive unlawful airstrikes against Yemen in an attempt to avoid international legal liability.