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SOMALILAND’s heroes who left their mark on history



This is the group of SOMALILAND volunteers who have dedicated and invested their valuable time and money to lead and prosecute the killer and war criminal known as TUKE, the case that eventually got, TUKE, the assassin and war criminal locked away in the United States of America… The case in which this volunteer group laid the first stone at the beginning of 2004 and won in 2019, where, a jury in the Eastern District of Virginia found TUKE responsible and liable in a civil suit for the torture a farmer from Somaliland and awarded $500,000 in damages.



The heroic efforts, the beliefs and unparalleled enthusiasm and patience of the Somaliland volunteer group ultimately led to an end and arrested the first war criminal.


The Somaliland volunteer group was successful in securing both the rights to proceed the case and costs required for the criminal case, expenses and fees that was paid to lawyers who have litigated on their behalf have been awarded by an American humanitarian NGO… costs which, if not obtained, would not have been possible to initiate criminal proceedings.

Pictured from left to right.

Anis AbdillahiIsse

Faisal Ali Qafil

Bashe Abdi Yare


Mohamed Hussein

Ahmed AbdillahiJire.



Front row from right to left.

Anis AbdillahiIsse, a Member of CJA.

The second row from right to left.


Faisal Ali Qafil, followed by Bashe Abdi Yare, Ahmed AbdillahiJire, Ibrahim Qodaal who is a member of CJA. The last row is an American CJA member, followed by, DhibaneFarhan, who was one of the innocent victims that suffered and inflicted a multiple and severe bodily harm.

Farhan, who was badly wounded at the time, was left as a corpse or as a dead person.




Farhan was invited to travel to the United States by Homeland Security investigations to be interviewed and to be a witness not only to what happened to him, but also the court to discover how and what happened to the thousands of other innocent civilian victims who were murdered and burned alive by the cruel and malicious war criminal, TUKE and his army,



Farhan, who is one of TUKE’s victims, went to the United States to confirm and prove the accuracy of TUKE’s war crimes evidence and the facts that have been collected and brought together over the years by the American court, the illegal crime and heinous acts perpetrated on innocent and unarmed women, children and the elderly by the war criminal TUKE.









While TUKE’s imprisonment will not in any way undo the pain it has inflicted on innocent victims of human rights violations,

Nevertheless, it is hope and good news that the criminal has finally been arrested and held in custody for his undeniable role in the abhorrent crimes he has committed against innocent civilians.


This result will undoubtedly give a form of peace to the families of the victims and the entire nation of SOMALILAND.



It will also be an enormous encouragement for other SOMALILANDers in the other part of the Western world and across the world to come forward and catch the other war criminals who are still around and hiding in the countries where they live.


Their prime target now will be the capture of General Morgan, who was the commander in charge and responsible for the atrocities that occurred in Somaliland, in which the act of barbarity and atrocity was committed and took place.


The arrest of the war criminal by HSI Washington, D.C., in the United States, is also a good sign that keeps law-abiding Americans safe.


The detention of Colonel TUKE, the war criminal, also sends a strong signal that America is not a haven for other international criminals and that the United States will continue to track down further war criminals.


Finally, let us thank Almighty God for the righteousness and victory that has been achieved.


On behalf of the entire peace-loving nation of SOMALILAND around the world, we are grateful to the United States for arresting TUKE, the war criminal for human rights violations




and violence against innocent and unarmed civilians in SOMALILAND in the 1980s, in which the United States and several other international organizations have all been the subject of an investigation and provided undeniable evidence of extrajudicial murder; torture; cruelty, evil and obnoxious treatment of innocent civilians.


Lastly, we thank and appreciate all the voluntary group of SOMALILANDERS that made this arrest possible. One cannot fight what one does not understand. Well done


This arrest of the TUKE, the war criminal, would not be possible without you and your never-ending efforts and the energy you put into this case.


We also thank CNBC David Malarek and the Lemkin institute in their pursuit of justice,stand in solidarity with the victims of the#IsaaqGenocide




Very little was known about the state of the Somaliland genocide until CNBC, David Malarek, released the notorious war criminal, the fifth state film at the beginning of 1992.


Here is CNBC , David Malarek.. the fifth state movie





You all become a huge part of SOMALILAND’s history. Well done

Written by Ahmed Yasin the article contributor to the Araweelo News Network.