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A Ethiopian Delegation High level Visit Somaliland

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Ethiopian High level Delegation Visit Somaliland

Berbera(ANN) A Ethiopian delegation high level Visit Somaliland led by four ministers from Ethiopian Federal Govermen has arrived in Hargeisa International Airport 13 November 214.

silanyo and memeberdel

Somaliland President Silanyo and Ethiopian Minister of Finance and Economic Development

The Delegation 12 member Federal Government which arrived on Wednesday as they yesterday visit in Berbera for saw berbera port and other project interest Ethiopian government to investment for enhance relation between two nation .
The delegation has been warmly received by the Sahil province by regional mayor Hon. Abdshakur Mohamed Hasan (idin), Governor Mr. Fahmi Abdi Bidar, deputy port manager Mr. Omar Abokor Jama and haed of port Fuel facility storage Mr. Suleiman Said Ali.
Ethiopian delegation inspected the Berbera port and saw with their naked eyes the daily day operations. They saw the newly established port nearby the old one is now nearing completion.
It is a modernized port intended to boost the services that the port provides to the neighboring countries including the likes of Ethiopia which is a landlocked country with population over 9o million.
They toured fuel port facility storage where it is undergoing a facelift and Mr. Suleiman has briefed about the tasks that it provides to the nation.

Ethiopian del Visited Berbera
They embarked on tour to the airport runway and the current Civil Aviation Hon. Mohamoud Hashi Abdi briefed about the airport.
Also to have the Ethiopian delegation on site was the Wajale Border town between the two neighbouring countries where goods transit to Ethiopia from the Somaliland port of Berbera.
Led by Ethiopia’s Federal Government minister in charge of Finance and Economic Development  Ato Sufian Ahmed the delegation from Addis Ababa includes.
H.E Ato Workneh Gebeyehu, Minister, Ministry of Transport
H.E. Ahmed Shide, State Minister, MoFED
H.E. Ato Ahmed Tussa, Director, Maritime and logistics services
Dr. Getachew Betru, Director General, National Railway Corporation
Amb. Solomon Abebe, Director General, African Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ato Kokeb Misrak, Director, Bilateral Cooperation, MoFED
Ato Wassihum Abate, Director, Legal Service, MoFED
Ato Bekele Negussie, Deputy Director General Ethiopian Road Authority
Ato Brigadier General Berhe Tesfaye, Ethiopian Ambassador to the RSL and two Members from the Ethiopia Embassy in Hargeisa
That visits for Ethiopian delegation to tour BERBERA and wajale has accompanied Somaliland official minsters led by ministre presidency hon:Hersi ali hassan ,foreign affairs hon:Mahamed behi yonis ,civil aviation hon:Mahmoud hashi abdi , finance Minster hon:abdiaziz Mahamed samale and commerce Minster hon: Musa Qasim
Ethiopia delegation has been met president Rep of Somaliland H.E Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud silanyo after that meet between president and Ethiopian delegation.
Last night president has hosted dinner banquet in honor of the visiting Ethiopian delegation and added that he thanked the Federal government sending such high level ministerial level delegation to inspect the progress that Somaliland achieved over the past years.
Finally the government of Somaliland has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Ethiopia on Wednesday to cooperate on the areas of development and economy.
Hon. Mohamed Bihi Yonis, Foreign Affairs Minister has signed the deal on behalf of Somaliland while Sufian Ahmed signed the deal on behalf of Ethiopia.
Mr. Bihi said that they reached a mutual understanding which will pave the way for boosting Berbera Corridor, expansion of Ethiopian electricity to Somaliland, and went on to say that Ethiopia will work together with Somaliland over the development of Berbera Port.
A joint technical committee from both sides has been named to oversee the implementation of the deal reached by the two countries.
The below watch pictures for delegation from Ethiopia and Somaliland government officials visit for Berbera and wajale
Source: Somaliland Nition News SLNNews
Araweelo News Network
Somaliland Office

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