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guddoomiyecirro2Hargeisa(ANN)The chairman of opposition National Party also known as Wadani Dr. Abdirahman Mohammed Abdillahi (Irro) spoke to thousands of his party jubilant supporters at Ambassador Hotel in Hargeisa in a function to welcome political elites who have much clout in the political spectrum of Somaliland and the Horn region as a whole. The chairman said that he was very happy for these politicians could sway voters to support the national party to wrestle the mantle of leadership from Kulmiye.

The Speech:

Today for sure I’m very happy and for instance if I err please don’t take it personal it’s just because I have been overwhelmed by happiness. First and foremost distinguished politicians from Hargeisa who have defected to the National Party I’m very pleased for you because the political climate of Somaliland has changed and leaning toward the National Party. I congratulate you for choosing Wadani as your party, one thing I know is that your political acumen will hold sway for Wadani.”

I believe this conference is a sign for things to come in the whirlwind of political change in Somaliland political landscape this means that an orange revolution is eminent and Wadani will take the mantle of the country leadership from Kulmiye in a democratic manner through the ballot box. God willing tomorrow will be like the victory of the battle of Uhud there are more to come I shall not reveal here because I fear my opponents will suffer diarrhea. My brothers I’m just joking. There is a friend of mine who I adore who can it be? It’s Hon. Abdirahman Dheere.”

More importantly there is a Somali adage that says the old should relinquish their seats to the youths that’s fine I’m the first person to relinquish my seat which is the throne of the national party to welcome the noble people of Hawd region. The function to welcome more political heavy weights to the fold of opposition party Wadani is coming soon so we should be ready to relinquish our seats to welcome these bigwigs who join us tomorrow and others who will follow suit.”

Wadani or the National Party agenda is to unite this country to make it inclusive to all and sundry and to distribute parliamentary seats to all regions in a fairly manner. The national party will strive to make sure that power is shared in an equal footing amongst Somaliland people. Our vision is to see a country where all citizens are equal before the law and justice is dispensed equally.

National party will make sure all persons are treated equally without favor or patronage. Our slogan is accountability and good management of public resources. I believe if we administer our country in a transparent manner we shall be able to root out many malpractices in utilization of public resources.”

“These will enable us to make our leaders accountable in whatever portfolio they have been assigned to. We shall enact good policies that will make it hard for corruption and other malpractices to strive through legislations that will promote good governance. Gentlemen this is what is in store for you when you join the national party. I want us to protect our national security and the people who will make it possible it is you and those who will join us tomorrow.

I want the National Party (Wadani) not to become just a seasonal party but a national party that will endure the taste of time so that the son who is born in Taleeh and Dhahar can become the chairman of this party that is what Wadani stands for. I want the one born in Sayla and the one born in Borama to become leaders in the National Party (Wadani). I would like to see everyone become president the way Dahir Rayale became president of Somaliland. Last but not least I would like to thank the ladies and gentlemen who have braved the wind of change to join the National Party. I would also like to thank and acknowledge the support of Wadani diaspora followers who have been there for the party be it moral or material support.”


Dr.Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi(Irro)

Speaker of the National Assembly