Somaliland: Emotions surrounding the Elections

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Hargeisa (ANN)-The Somaliland Electoral Commission has announced time for it has officially held the presidential election and the competition for political parties.

“The National Election Commission of Somaliland (NEC) today is pleased to announce the schedule of the presidential and political party elections scheduled to be held on November 13, 2024.” This was stated in a press release from the Somaliland National Elections Commission on Saturday.”

The commission in accordance with the election law 91/2023 has diligently prepared and finalized the schedule of these important elections. This announcement represents an important achievement in promoting democratic processes and maintaining the principles of transparency and fairness in Somaliland’s electoral system,” said the press release.

Also, the press release said,”The National Commission is committed to ensure that, As the scheduled election date approaches, the NEC calls upon all stakeholders, including political parties, political associations, society organizations, media, and the international community, to actively participate in promoting civic engagement and ensuring a peaceful and inclusive electoral environment.

The National Electoral Commission (NEC) has urged the media and the international community to ‘actively participate in the vigilance of the community and the places in order to have a peaceful and inclusive election environment’.

The NEC extends its gratitude to all stakeholders for their cooperation and support throughout the electoral preparations. The Commission reaffirms its dedication to overseeing a credible and transparent electoral process in Somaliland.

The NEC, added, As mandated by Election Law 91/2023, the NEC has formally submitted the schedule for the combined elections to His Excellency Musa Bihi Abdi, President of the Somaliland Republic. It is now the responsibility of President Bihi Abdi to fulfill his constitutional duty by publishing the schedule in the Official Gazette, thereby formalizing the electoral process.

The announcement of the date set for the joint elections in Somaliland, coincided with a time when there was a lot of noise and suspicion that the elections would be held in the previously discussed period of 2024.

However, the period set by the electoral commission is six months and two weeks later, and in the coming days it is expected that the President of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi, will issue a decree on the period set by the Somaliland electoral commission, which will be another step expressed the hope that the elections will be held on the scheduled date of 13 November 2024.

The elections in Somaliland have been long overdue, as there has been a dispute between the opposition and the government in the last year, which has completely shaken the security and stability of the country, and undermined the reputation of Somaliland in the international community and the democratic world.

But at the time of the announcement by the NEC, the election period showed little hope and optimism, even though many of the society and political analysts are concerned that the elections will be held within the stipulated period and that Somaliland will return to the democratic process. and the elections that have gone wrong in the last years.

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Written by Arraale M. Jama, a freelance journalist and human rights activist.

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