Published On: Wed, Jun 7th, 2017

Deportations to Somalia on the rise

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By. Brian Lambert

Says Mila Kuompilova for the Strib, “The pace of deportations to Somalia is picking up fast — and setting local natives of the East African country on edge. Eight months into the fiscal year, deportations to Somalia have already outpaced last year’s record-setting numbers. … Alarmed community members grilled the Somali ambassador on a recent visit to the Twin Cities. Minnesota’s DFL congressional delegation in May wrote the Trump administration questioning the removals to a country grappling with famine and threats by the terror group Al-Shabab.”

Our geezers are the most robust. A St. Cloud Times story says, “Minnesota has been deemed the healthiest state for senior citizens by a new national survey that examined 20-plus metrics across five categories to determine its list. That news focused on the North Star state’s strong scores in health care, population, community factors and environmental factors and builds on its previous good news. … Minnesota was the only state to finish in the top 10 of four categories. It finished second in community factors, fourth in health care, sixth in population rank and eighth in environmental rank. However, it was just 28th in cost of living.”

All but gone. Matt Sepic at MPR reports, “Workers are making quick progress removing a controversial art installation from the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. By Sunday morning, crews from a Dakota construction company had pulled down and cut up the heavy wooden timbers that formed the bulk of ‘Scaffold.’ … After meeting with Dakota elders, the Walker Art Center — which runs the sculpture garden — ordered ‘Scaffold’ removed. [Artist Sam] Durant has vowed never to erect it again, and has promised to transfer the intellectual property rights to the Dakota people.”

But they still love all the winning, right? Says the AP, “Farm groups and some members of Congress from farm states are decrying proposed cuts to crop insurance and other safety net programs for farmers included in President Donald Trump’s budget. The proposed cuts come even as farmers are facing their fourth straight year of falling income, and could particularly affect farm states such as Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska that helped Trump win the November election. ‘Clearly, this budget fails agriculture and rural America,’ American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall said in a statement.” Just wondering: Has The Donald ever fixed a broken baler?

Very sad. Reports Julio Ojeda-Zapata in the PiPress, “Krista Sandstrom’s last text Thursday to her husband, Christian McGuire, was, ‘Love you too.’ The professional singer was on her way to a voice lesson and, later, to see the tail end of her 11-year-old daughter’s softball game. She never made it. The 47-year-old St. Paul resident died when her car was struck by another vehicle at 15th St. E and Park Ave. S in Minneapolis on Thursday evening, the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office said on Saturday. Sandstrom was a paid performer with the Minnesota Chorale, according to a posthumous biography posted on YouTube.”

Rick Romell of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel says, “Mills Fleet Farm, the Appleton, Wis.-based chain of sprawling stores packed with down-home goods ranging from poultry grit and PVC pipe to bib overalls and Muck Boots, is poised for a growth spurt. To date, the retailer’s expansion has been gradual, adding six stores in the last 10 years, to bring its count to 36. But now the company has launched an effort that could double that number in five to six years and take Mills into new territory.” Well, there’ll be a lot of empty Gander Mountain stores pretty soon.

The dog is OK. Says Paul Walsh for the Strib, “About 11:35 a.m., a worker on this crew saw a dog and chased it onto the interstate, said Patrol Lt. Tiffani Nielson. The worker ‘ran into [the] side’ of a car, suffered minor injuries and was taken to nearby Hennepin County Medical Center, Nielson said. The dog, described as a small white terrier, escaped the incident unharmed but has yet to be located, the lieutenant said.”

This is cool. Says Dee DePass of the Strib, “Urban Organics worker Lee Scoggins flicked a cup of powder into a large blue pool and watched as 50,000 tiny salmon, each the size of a paper clip, darted toward dinner inside the newly converted old Schmidt Brewery plant in St. Paul. The 8-week-old fish that will grow into 10-pound beauties over the next year were introduced to an enthusiastic crowd Thursday as part of the grand opening of Urban Organics’ and Pentair’s second indoor fish and produce farm, one of the largest commercial aquaponics facilities in the world.”


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