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Djibouti (ANN)-The President of the Puntland State of Somalia, Said Abdullahi Deni, a visit to Djibouti on Tuesday, August 11, 2020, which will take several days.

During his visit to Djibouti, Deni was accompanied by Puntland Minister of Commerce Abdullahi Abdi Hirsi, Minister of Ports and Maritime Transport Mohamed Abdi Osman (aka Colonel Majino), Deni Adviser to the President, Ali Abdi Aware and other officials.

The delegation was welcomed at Djibouti Airport by Minister of Foreign Affairs Mahamoudd Ali Youssouf, Minister of Equipment and Transport Moussa Mohamed Ahmed, President of Great Horn Investment Holding SAS, Aboubaker Omar Hadi, third Djiboutian intelligence official Idriss Saïd Miguil, and officials.

According to the Djiboutian Television channel RTD, the president of Puntland will have talks, during his stay in Djibouti, with the senior officials of the port sector and the President of the Republic of Djibouti, Ismael Omar Guelleh.

A source close to the country’s first lady, Ms. Kadra Mahamoud Haïd, told that the visit of the President of Puntland to Djibouti mainly concerns two points.

to replace it DP World by the Djiboutian Company “Great Horn Investment Holding S.A.S” for the management of the port of Bossaso and send to Puntland groups of the Djiboutian army members of AMISOM.

Before the regional parliament of Puntland, at the end of July 2020, the Minister of Ports and Maritime Transport of Puntland, Mr. Mohamed Abdi Osman known as Colonel Majino, declared that the last meeting to initial the termination of the agreement dates back to to March 2020, then there was the COVID-19 epidemic around the world that blocked everything. The minister did not say when final talks with the UAE would resume.

The source confirms that the Great Horn Investment Holding S.A.S. But, this new business alliance will not go unnoticed for the security of the Corne de l’Afrique. The opening of the main port of Bosasso by the arrival of Guelleh facilitates the transport of the armes to the destination of Somalia dont Puntland a toujours été un des points d’entrée principale.

According to EXX Africa’s report for the 2018 conference, the launch of the African Investment Risk Initiative, the responses of the Djibouti delegation, which are expected to take place in the Somali country implications for participation and finance of commercials in the corne of Africa?


Also Africa report that indicated it so aforementioned report that the stationing of Djibouti soldiers in Somalia as part of the peace mission, AMISOM, made it much easier for the Djiboutian power to send arms to southern Somalia using official infrastructures such as Mogadishu airport.

An extract from the EXX Africa report of August 2018: “Aboubaker Omar Hadi, President of the Port Authority and Free Zones of Djibouti (DPFZA) and Ali Abdi Aware, businessman and former candidate for the presidential elections of the Puntland region (north-eastern Somalia, self-proclaimed autonomous since 1998) are two of the major players in the illegal arms trade.

The first manages the port of Doraleh, an extension of the international port of Djibouti, which is now under full government control. Local intelligence suggests that this port will be more of a transit point for weapons in the future, although the most important cargoes will be moved to the south-eastern coast via the Garacad port project (village in Puntland).

Ali Abdi Aware on the other hand, gets along well with the Djibouti government. He had given 900 camels to Djibouti during a conflict with Eritrea.

The same source of information confirms that Omar Hadi helped register in Djibouti the bank of the former president of Yemen, CAC International. Using a bank branch in Bosasso (city of Puntland), he can launder money for underground institutions dealing with arms imports from Yemen.

In addition, local intelligence confirms that an anonymous company owned by Djibouti President Omar Guelleh is playing a leading role in importing weapons from Somalia.


The port of Garacad is expected to be the hub for the import and export of arms very soon. It is a former pirate territory that still favors the smuggling and landing of arms shipments. Reports from the United Nations Monitoring Group mention that the logistics, freight and construction companies involved in this project are headed by senior officials and senior military officers from Djibouti.

Video The President of the Puntland State of Somalia, Said Abdullahi Deni, a visit to Djibouti on Tuesday, August 11, 2020, which will take several days.