Tigrai and Amhara state presidents Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael and Gedu Andargachew made joint statement in Addis Ababa.

Addis Ababa(ANN)-The leaders of Tigrai and Amhara regional states made a joint statement in Addis Ababa after they had discussions with Ethiopian elders. The Ethiopian elders group is made of religious leaders, educators, community leaders, and other stakeholders. The Ethiopian elders group went to four of the major Ethiopian states of Oromia, SNNPR, Amhara and Tigrai to promote peace in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is facing unprecedented political and social crisis since the silent coup d’etat brought Dr. Abiy Ahmed to power. The silent coup which was directed by the hawkish elements of the USA government, financed by some Arab countries, and facilitated by Egypt was supposed to remove the EPRDF government without too much destruction to the country. The reality is the American and Arab joint adventure plunged Ethiopia into a calamity never seen before.

Abiy Ahmed who was chosen by the forces behind the silent coup in Ethiopia is losing control of the country. Ethnic and regional conflicts are at their highest level and Ethiopia is the number one country for having the highest number of internally displaced people.

Conflict between regional states is tearing apart Ethiopia and the political disagreement between the Oromo liberation Front – OLF and the federal government has escalated into full fledged civil war. OLF armed fighters and government forces are battling for control of western Wollega in Oromia regional state. Reports on social media and international media outlets like Africanews indicated the government is using gunship helicopters, fighter jets, and heavy weaponry in Wollega and many civilians have been hurt and many more are fleeing the area.

The tension between Amhara regional state and Tigrai state is reaching boiling point fueled by threats of force by some armed groups in Amhara state. Meantime the anger in Tigrai is higher than ever before even worst the time of Dergi time. The situation between Tigrai and Amhara is one of the most concerning because if the overzealous armed groups or bandits shoot one bullet in to Tigrai, all hell will let loose and that will be the start of the most bloodiest conflict between the two states. The pent up anger in Tigrai against the thugs in Amara regional state is unimaginable.

The Ethiopian elders group is trying to defuse the tension between the two states and prevent military confrontation. The Ethiopian prime minister sent a mothers group just before that to Tigrai state, but we don’t think this superficial patchwork is going to cut it. The undeserved political pressure by the current prime minister and his team on Tigria has created extreme anger and unified the people and the state government. Should they federal or the Amara state be crazy enough to start a military conflict with Tigria, we can assure you 100% it will be the beginning of the end for Ethiopia as a country and that is a fact.

What is needed now is stop the lie about so called change, admit it was for the benefit of foreign governments not the Ethiopian people. Remove the prime minister, bring a real Oromo leader to represent the people of Oromia, arrest Gedu, Demeke Mekonnen and other Amara leaders for their part in the displacement of thousands of Tigraians form their region, find a peaceful solution to the conflict in Oromia state and restart the Ethiopia and Eritrea peace as new, but this time honestly.