Riyadh(ANN)- More than twenty members Families of the Jordanians detained in Saudi Arabia yesterday after they held a protest in front of the Jordanian foreign ministry calling on the government to work for the release of their sons.

The middleeastmonitor reported More than 60 Jordanian citizens have been detained by Saudi authorities and are being held in Al- Ha’ir Prison in Riyadh, Dahban Prison in Jeddah and in unknown locations.

This was part of a detention campaign against Palestinians and other who support the Palestinian cause which was launched in February.

Quds Press said that none of the detainees had been brought before the court.

The brother of one of the detainees told Quds Press that the foreign ministry said it had been in continuous contact with the Saudi authorities. He said the issue seems “very difficult” and “needs much time.”

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A source told the news site that Amman is under pressure from Saudi to blacklist the Muslim Brotherhood and to keep silent regarding Israeli aggression on Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The Euro-Med Observer has said that there are 60 Palestinians detained in Saudi Arabia, including permanent residents, students, businessmen and pilgrims and has called for details of their arrest to be made public.