By. Ali Mohamoud Al Saidi

God bless you and live in paradise journalist writer and activist Sharif Hamed Jama Hussein. And God Almighty, God willing, roomy paradise.

I knew him since the nineteen fateful and deepened our friendship more after the summer war of 1994, when he was editor of the newspaper assembly founded by the late fighter Omar al-Jawai.

We had long meetings and meetings with the martyrs of the jawi, Hamed Jama and Dr. Abdullah Obeil. God prolonged his life.They opened the headquarters of the gathering in Crater in Al-Khasaf beside the former Red Sea restaurant. 

They turned the headquarters of the newspaper and the party in Crater not only to meet with us but also to live and we were living in it when we feel the dangers of the security forces of the occupied Afash regime.

We meet in this headquarters we and the hero martyr Ahmed oppression and brother militant Abbas al-Asal and in the presence of the late Hamed Jama who rose to Barre on Monday 29 July 2019.

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It is a memory that I recall with deep sadness Squeezes the heart to the best people ethics and culture and do not fall statute of limitations. The heart of the vacuum of the best people ethics and culture do not forget the statute of limitations.

عزانا لأسرته وكل أصدقاء ومحبين فقيدنا حامد جامع وانا لله وانا اليه راجعون .

علي محمد السعدي

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