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wefdigaiyoxukumadaHargeisa(ANN)“It is my pleasure and honor to be with you here in Hargeisa. I must admit my first visit and I am very impressed to see what the country already I came to realize the size of this place. I visited Berbera Port I was very impressed with the operation. Mr. Ali took us around and acknowledged about the operation, the construction and the design and the operation is very good”.
“We feel now more comfortable now knowing people who know the business are already there. DP World made a historic agreement on behalf of the Emirates when we signed the MoU between the government of United Arab Emirates and the government of Somaliland. We have more governments during the visit of the president. We have more governments agreed to cooperate and views this operation of development of port of Berbera into a port of free zone and logistic park as the first step and too many projects Insha Allah will happen between the government UAE government t, the private sector and the government of Somaliland and the people”.
“I believe that the strategic location of Berbera port is good, the connectivity to Ethiopia is very good the growth and Ethiopia will demand more facilities. The free zone I think is going to be attractive. We have over thirty years of experience in developing a free zone and Insha Allah, the knowledge and the experience and the connection we will try to applicate here. DP World we today manage 77 terminals and logistic parts around the world in 40 countries and the experience we have in Africa is very rich. We are in Djibouti, in Gigel, we are Sokhna Egypt, We are in Nigeria, we are in Dhaka Senegal, we are in Mabuto and we are also still working in Africa and the growth is very good. The brotherly relation with the people of the United Arab Emirates E and the people of Somaliland is historical relation we trading and did going business together and I think it is a lot of benefit. So I am very happy to be with you here and happy to answer any questions you would have,” said the Chairman of DP World, Mr. Sultan.