Impact of Red Sea Military Alliances on Somaliland’s Security, Economy, Diplomacy, and Regional Stability,

Written by  Gulaid Yusuf Idaan Senior Lecturer and Researcher


The Red Sea, renowned for its historical significance as a pivotal global trade route, has now become a focal point for heightened military alliances, raising concerns about maritime security. Recent declarations by the United States regarding the formation of an international coalition to counter Houthi attacks in the Bab al-Mandab Strait have sparked discussions on the strategic importance of this region. While aimed at ensuring unhindered navigation and reinforcing regional stability, these actions underscore the intricate web of global interests within the Red Sea.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s announcement of a 10-country coalition aims to address recurrent Houthi assaults on vessels reportedly linked to Israel in the Red Sea. These attacks, utilizing missiles and drones targeting oil ships and containers, have amplified worries about shipping route safety. Consequently, international shipping entities are

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Written by  Gulaid Yusuf Idaan Senior Lecturer and Researcher