New York(ANN)-The Iranian ambassador to Baghdad disclosed on Friday that his country is to target US forces in Iraq, if it were to be subjected to any attacks, RT reported.

An Iraqi political source revealed on Thursday that the Iraqi president, Barham Saleh, had discussed the de-escalation of US-Iranian tension with Arab and European leaders, at the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.

“Saleh proposed for Arab and European leaders, as well as Americans and Saudis, the idea of holding a conference in Baghdad to de-escalate the tension in the region,” the source claimed.

He added “the Iraqi president is now waiting for the replies of the countries,” noting that a number of European countries have already agreed on the proposal.

During his speech at the UN General Assembly, Saleh expressed his country’s worries regarding the developments and the escalation in the Gulf region, in the wake of the targeting of two Saudi oil plants.

He stressed that his country would never be part of any side against the other.