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#Somalia@Mogadishu: Candidates’ Union Council warns Turkey against arms shipments to Somalia


Modish(ANN)- The Mogadishu-based group of Somali politicians has warned of weapons and ammunition in support of the Somali federal government, which the Turkish government plans to bring to Mogadishu.

The Letter is sent Ambassador to Turkey in Mogadishu, Mehmet Yilmaz, in which dated 12 December 2020, in response to cargo Weapons to capital Mogadishu, the during, 16 – 18 December 2020. They said they were “deeply concerned” about the timing of the elections.

“We are concerned about the weapons and ammunition that the Turkish government is planning to deliver to the Federal Government of Somalia, especially the named “Harimcadka” Police Unit, at this critical time, the Council has found that a Turkish military cargo aircraft, TUAF767, is scheduled to take off. To Mogadishu, ammunition, 1,000 G3 Machine Guns and 150,000 rounds of ammunition, said the letter from Somalia’s Coalition of Candidates to the Turkish Ambassador Mehmet Yilmaz.

Read the letter to the Turkish ambassador here: