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“It’s shocking: #Oxygen is the biggest disaster in the #world”

#Somaliland Hargeisa (ANN) -Oxygen around the world is reported to be in short supply, which is one of the most important factors in treating patients who are unable to breathe naturally at this time in the world. Coronavirus infection is widespread and cases have increased.

In the last few hours, The Economist has published a sad and shocking report, which is being reported around the world, with reports of an increase in Covid 19 cases in hospitals around the world, and the situation. Oxygen shortages, after increasing consumption in rich countries, increase their demand for gas. But the poor do not have the opportunity to get out of the crisis.


“It’s shocking: oxygen is the biggest disaster in the world, but its scarcity in hospitals causes thousands of preventable deaths,” said The Economist. But a coalition of international health organizations, investors and government agencies are trying to solve the problem.

Meanwhile, in India, where a wave of corona virus outbreaks has hit this week, health officials say an increase in corona virus infections in hospitals has resulted in a shortage of oxygen for patients, calling for an emergency response. to save the lives of millions of people affected by the disease.

The United States, India, Brazil and France have the highest number of cases, according to the latest reports from the  World health organization

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