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“#Somaliland@President, don’t speak like the people, If you can’t do something, leave the place.” Jama Shabel

Hargeisa (ANN) -The former chairman of the central committee of the ruling KULMIYE party, Lawyer Jama Ismail Egeh (Jama Shabeel), has criticized the President of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi, and called on him to address the growing oil issue.

Jama Shabel also spoke about the Higher Education Commission and the Somaliland Electoral Commission (NEC), the requirements for candidates, and suggested that the shortcomings be addressed. Jama Shabel, said this during a press conference in Hargeisa today.

The Electoral Commission, I say the final confirmation is yours, and it reflects how you handled the election results,” he said, noting that the manner in which the criteria were administered was inconsistent with the procedure, which he said had an impact, mismanagement of election results.

On the other hand, he spoke about the sharp rise in oil prices in Somaliland, criticizing the manner in which the President of Somaliland addressed the two councils in his recent 2021 address.

“Fuel depends on all livelihoods. We have heard the President say, ‘I am requesting.”‘ Take action against the president and show that you are the president. If you can’t do something, leave the place,”Said Jama Shabel.

“President, you don’t have to ask for it, you don’t have to speak like the people, you have to keep your request, and the administration has to issue an order.

President, doesn’t talk like the people, do something about it and show that you are the President. If you can’t do something, leave the place,” said Jama Shabell.