Hargeisa(ANN)-Hassan Guure Jama, a well-respected, overly vocal statesman and the current leader of the informal but high-powered Somaliland Consultative Forum, passed away last evening Hargeisa.

The deceased has been of one of the most active leaders of the Somali National Movement (SNM) which emancipated the country from widespread persecution, pillage and economic underdevelopment under the Somalia-born military dictator, General Mohamed Siyad Barred. Immediately after deposing him and chasing the remnants of his army from Somaliland, Hassan was one of the leaders who so vehemently advocated for a restoration of a sovereignty Somaliland lost to the ephemeral Greater Somali Republic dream of 1960.

Hassan became a Vice Minister in the late Egal government of the mid-90s. He later became the chairman of the Somaliland War Crimes Commission which he led for several years.

As a prominent member of Kulmiye party, founded by the former President of the Republic, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud ‘Siilaanyo’, he played critical roles in shaping up Somaliland political track.

Hassan, falling out with his colleagues in Kulmiye, founded, together with a number of other prominent political figures, the consultative forum becoming its leader and most articulate spokesperson during President Siilaanyo’s time.

The Forum, following the incumbent President’s ascent to power, constitutionally challenged several moves linked to the President among which was the extension of term the bicameral parliament voted for itself.

President Musa Bihi Bihi condoled the nation and the family and friends of the departed statesman calling him an irretrievable national loss.

Although not officially declared, sources close to the government disclosed that his funeral was organized in tigh secret which lent credence to the suspicion that the late Hassan Guure succumbed to the world-ravaging coronavirus pandemic which he was not treated of in time as it was not clear what he was suffering of. He was only sick for the past 5 days.

Source: Somtribune