Published On: Thu, Oct 24th, 2019

Somaliland : Position Paper on upcoming elections and avoiding any disputes that will cause further delays to the elections

Hargeisa(ANN)- On representatives from Somaliland Civil Society Organizations have assembled for half day meeting held at the Somaliland Non – State Actors Forum (SONSAF) office in Hargeisa.

The objective of the meeting Yesterday was to discuss the latest developments on the selection of National Election Commissionaires (NEC). Somaliland Civil Society organizations underline the importance of the much delayed Parliamentary and local elections on the democratization and the credibility of Somaliland as a genuine state that upholds rule of law, therefore, Somaliland Civil Society call all stakeholders to respect the Laws of the country.

Somaliland Civil Society are united here today to voice their position regarding a breach of Law NO 20/2001 (and all its amendments). We strongly believe that laws and regulations governing the nomination process of NEC must be adhered for the much overdue elections to take place.

Somaliland Civil Society highlights that any further delay for the Parliamentary and Local elections overshadows the democracy and the integrity of Somaliland. Collectively CSO’s are optimistic that both elections will take place in 2020.

At the end of the meeting, representatives from the Somaliland Civil Society Organizations have collectively issued the following points:-

  1. For the three political parties to respect the election process and avoid causing further delays and to further support peacefully the smooth running of the elections
  2. To avoid any breaches of Somaliland Laws, in particular Law No.20/2001, as this could create further delays to the elections and disrupt the election process, rule of law must avail.
  3. For the three political parties to adhere to the elections code of conduct and legal procedures.
  4. The CSO’s are further arguing the Parliament to speed up the approvals of  all outstanding electoral laws (NEC Act, HoR law, quota for women and minorities and local council law)

Finally, the statement of the Somaliland Civil Society Organizations is to deepen peace, stability and democratic ideals and inform that all political parties to uphold Somaliland constitutional Laws and to avoid any actions that can impair the unity of the Somaliland community in general.

Anwar Abdurrahman Warsame

SONSAF Chairperson

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