By Arraale M Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights activist.


Gaza (ANN)-The first injured Palestinians and foreigners began to enter Egypt from the Gaza side through the Rafah border crossing for the first time since the start of the war between Israel and Hamas in early October, according to Egyptian officials and media.

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At least 361 foreigners entered Egypt through the Rafah crossing, according to an agreement brokered by Qatar between Israel, Egypt, and Hamas, with the United States overseeing it, according to an Egyptian official. US citizens are among the first group of foreigners to leave Gaza, the US State Department said, without specifying the number. Earlier, a source said that about 600 foreigners are expected to cross Rafah.

It was unclear the exact number of Americans who left Gaza at the Rafah border with Egypt on Wednesday, but President Biden said the United States expects more Americans to cross in the coming days.

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A small number of Palestinians and foreign nationals finally managed to leave Gaza on Wednesday, many of them with other serious injuries, after weeks of intense negotiations over the partial opening of the Rafah border crossing in Egypt. But there are complaints that some people were missing from the list and returned to Gaza when they were denied passage.

On Wednesday, Gaza left Rafah after the deal brokered by Qatar between Israel, Hamas, and Egypt, with the help of the United States, and there are thousands of people who want to flee from the bombings and hitting of rockets and weapons by Israel during the siege and the complete cutoff of supplies in Gaza, as foreign doctors left when the hospitals were destroyed and there were no medicines and medical services in the first place.

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This came shortly after trucks were able to start entering the closed enclave of Gaza, and the bombardment was raining down in large numbers in the opposite direction, resulting in the need for long talks as the situation is worsening.

Also, All 22 staff members of Doctors without Borders International, who were unable to leave Gaza since October 7, have successfully entered Egypt via the Rafah border crossing, the organization said Wednesday.   “A new team of international staff, including a specialised medical team, has already been identified and is ready to enter Gaza as soon as the situation allows, supporting the humanitarian and medical response,” the charity organization said.

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The charity added that many of their Palestinian colleagues “continue to work and provide lifesaving care in hospitals and across the Gaza Strip, while the most basic protections for hospitals and medical personnel are not guaranteed.”

Rafah is located in the North Sinai of Egypt; the Rafah crossing is the only border between Gaza and Egypt, the Occupied Palestinian Territory; Rafah, the border between Egypt and Gaza, is about 8 miles (12.8 kilometers) away crossing the Sinai desert towards Egypt.

Also, Rafah is the only border crossing with Gaza that isn’t controlled by Israel, which closed its land route after the Hamas attack on October 7. The blockade of the border, the state of war, And the siege of Gaza have made Rafah an important place, while the humanitarian situation in Gaza is getting worse. The war between Hamas and Israel, which began on October 7, has two borders with Gaza: Beit Hanoun (Erez), which is the movement of people, and Kerem Shalom, (Karem Abu Salem) which is used to bring goods to Gaza. Both have been heavily restricted and closed since the war began, and Israel has been controlling everything entering Gaza even before the war, restricting water, electricity, and food from entering Gaza. According to UN figures, an average of 27,000 people crossed the border Rafah in July of this year, 2023.

The border was open for 138 days and closed for 74 days this year as of that month. Most of the closures were related to the security and political situation in the area.

Although Israel does not directly control the border, the closure initially came from Egypt and coincides with Israel’s tightening of restrictions on Gaza.

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By Arraale M Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights activist.

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