Published On: Tue, Mar 9th, 2021

The governments who supply weapons and economy to Somalia have their interest which is far and different from what is the good for the people of Somalia

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#Somaliland, need in the next decade?

#Hargeisa(ANN)-“Somaliland has taken the road for peace, good governance, democracy, one person one vote elections and peaceful transfer of leadership” said the President Muse Bihi in his 2021 State of the Nation Address today to both the House of Representatives and the Senate of Somaliland.

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Madaxweynaha Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland oo labada golle Baarlamaan u jeedinaya khudbad Sannadeedii dastuuriga ahayd Image File Araweelo News Network 8 March 2021.

In his speech, President Bihi spoke about the country’s economy, security, foreign policy, health and how to make investment in the country.

He also spoke about the problems of unemployment, government revenues and aid to Somaliland, as well as the democratization and elections that Somaliland has become famous for, and the challenges facing the collapsed state of Somalia.

the full speech of the President of Somaliland here


Annual Contutional Address of

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