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Tigray (ANN)-A #TPLF spokesman said on Thursday that several thousand Ethiopian government, allied Eritrean and militiamen who had captured the Tigray regional capital of Mekelle had been killed since a month-long fighting, the government said.Captures #Mekelle, Tigray’s capital.

Atto #Getachew Reda, an adviser to the Tigray leader and former Ethiopian federal government minister, appeared in the media for the first time a week after the capture of Mekelle by federal government forces in a month-long battle, in an interview with television. Tigray (Tigray TV) on Thursday called on the youth and others in the region to stand up and drive the region out of what it called an invasion.

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He said at the moment the fighting is going on in many parts of the region, “Our ability to resist ultimately depends on the support of our people,” Getachew said, adding that it is possible to have an environment where nothing can be done. We will stop everything to make everyone soldiers. ”

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Getachew Reda said they had left Mekelle so as not to cause any major damage to the town and were in a nearby area. He also said that their forces were doing amazing things in terms of fighting, but did not say the exact number of casualties on their side and how many TPLF fighters were, “our troops are doing amazing things in small numbers.”

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Getachew Reda’s claim by Tigray leaders, however, cannot be ascertained, as communications, telephone Internet and traffic are cut off in the region of about 6 million people, so it is difficult to know the exact situation in the state.

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The federal government, meanwhile, has not yet commented on the Tigray leaders’ claims, and there is an outcry over humanitarian aid, with aid workers in the Tigray regional capital of Mekelle saying they have run out of medicine and food, and Mekelle hospital has been evacuated. There are no corpses and no place to put them so they dismissed the state of affairs.

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About 40,000 people have fled Tigray since the fighting began November 2020, and are crossing into Sudan, with more and more people fleeing the country, according to UN officials.

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Human rights groups, meanwhile, have warned of genocide in the area, having already confirmed genocide and abuses during the conflict, and calling that the government will restore Internet telecommunications services and that agrees that the benefits of local and visiting media to determine the facts. But the government of Ethiopia already rejected applications, has moved to accept the report, instead, it faces international criticism from the Ethiopian government the international community.