Workneh also discussed with Yaprak Alp, Turkish Ambassador to Ethiopia.

Addis Ababa(ANN)-Foreign Minister Workneh commended UK’s strong relations with Ethiopia highlighting the all-rounded political and economic cooperation between the two countries, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) stated.

Workneh briefed the UK ambassador on reforms in Ethiopia including press freedom, opening up the political space, democratization as well as advancing the respect of human rights.

Ambassador McPhail expressed his country’s continued commitment to support Ethiopia in its efforts of ensuring economic development and promoting regional peace, stability and economic integration in the Horn of Africa.

According to MoFA, Workneh stressed the need to further bolster trade and investment ties between Ethiopia and UK.

Workneh Gebeyehu and Turkish Ambassador to Ethiopia Yaprak Alp discussed on ways of enhancing bilateral relations between the two countries, it adds.

The two sides agreed to further strengthen trade and investment ties between Ethiopia and Turkey as Ethiopia remained the largest investment destination for Turkey in Africa.

Source: ENA