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The Committee on Foreign Affairs of the United States Senate has welcomed the relationship between Somaliland and Taiwan

Washington (ANN)- “On behalf of Somaliland, congratulate the people of Taiwan on the occasion of your national day. We have achieved so much together to advance our shared priorities, based on common values and rooted in democracy”  the statement Somaliland vice President Abdirahman Saylici, who was speaking at an event commemorating Taiwan’s National Day held at the Embassy of Taiwan in Somaliland’s capital Hargeisa.

The event, which was celebrated at the beginning of this month of October 2022, was widely attended and happy by the officials of the Somaliland government who participated and the Taiwanese diplomats in Somaliland.

The United States Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs spoke about the relationship between Somaliland and Taiwan, pointing out how happy the United States is for the friends of Somaliland and Taiwan.

The U.S. is grateful to have friends in Africa like Somaliland who support Taiwan. Recognition of Taiwanese partnership from the international community will only continue to grow in the face of a dangerous and malign China.” The United States Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs said this in a statement posted on their Twitter account.

Somaliland and Taiwan have common issues, although they are in different political and economic situations, but they are both struggling to become independent republics.

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