#US: Secretary #Blinken is #visiting the region to divert the #eyes of the #world from the #genocide of #Israel in #Palestine in the #Gaza Strip.


#Washington (ANN)-The government of President Biden seems to want to make a policy of a spider’s web, and the support of Israel has attracted great hostility and political failure in the United States.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has been visiting the region for political activities, saying that Washington is trying to calm the conflict in the region and stop the Gaza war between Israel and Hamas, but the reality is not as the media reports. Westerners have interpreted Blinken’s visits to the region as a means of actually serving peace and stability in the region.

Washington, at the beginning of the war, openly stated its position and all-round support for Israel, and Blinken’s visits to the region are related to how to convince the countries of the region to turn their eyes away from what is happening in Gaza until they reach the plan they want to succeed in the massacre of Gaza Strip.


Last visit, Blinken met with his Turkish counterpart, Hakan Fidan, in Ankara. The visit comes amid heated relations between Israel and Turkey, with Ankara urging Israel to stop its attacks on Gaza.

Also, on Sunday, Blinken made an unexpected stop in Iraq, where he warned against other parties becoming embroiled in the conflict. But the regional leaders who met with Mr. Blinken did not remind them that Washington is part of the war in Gaza and has openly sided with Israel.

All of Blinken’s travels that carry the failed policy of the United States, which is currently in the spider web, make it impossible to mislead the world public and even within the United States, where the Biden administration is facing a major failure.

Josh Paul, a former State Department official who resigned last month to protest continued arms sales to Israel amid its bombardment of Gaza.


Mr. Paul, writing in a viral letter that one-sided U.S. support for Israel is “shortsighted,” “destructive” and “contradictory.” Media reports say many others inside the State Department are equally frustrated with the U.S. role in the conflict. Paul tells.

He tried to raise his concerns with his superiors but found “no appetite for that discussion” and that unlike all other U.S. arms sales that take humanitarian concerns into account, Israel gets a blank check.


Paul says the overall message inside the Biden administration is: “Don’t question the policy because it’s coming from the top.”

Large protests have shaken the world arena, where millions of people have gathered in many countries around the world that are angry about the genocide carried out by Israel for more than four weeks in Gaza and the Palestinian territories under the control of Israel.

The US support for Israel and the Western alliance has worsened the situation of great fear in the Middle East, the massacre in Gaza, and the siege.

The tragedy that is going on in Gaza Strip and the images that the conscience refuses to see have become a major attraction for the eyes and ears of the world and have created great sadness, while the voices and gatherings of different people of different religions are increasing. Their conscience protested the genocide, isolation, and massacre of the Palestinian people by Israel.

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By Arraale M Jama Freelance Journalist and Human Rights activist.

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