Addis Ababa(ANN)-Ethiopian members of parliament were coerced to approve illegal and unconstitutional bill that will give the power Abiy Ahmed Ali the Ethiopian prime minister to establish a new Identity and Boundary Issues Commission.

The new Identity and Boundary Issues Commission will directly report to the prime minister about its findings after it investigates causes of identity and conflicts between ethnic groups. This is illegal power grab by the prime minster that came to power with help of violent demonstrations and a soft coup data overthrowing the previous administration with help of foreign powers. The Ethiopian constitution has specified how to handle identity questions and other conflicts in Ethiopia and it is through the Ethiopian House of Federation, but now it all will depend on one power hungry man who is serving other countries national interest instead of Ethiopia’s and Ethiopian’s.

According to government reports all 33 members of parliament from Tigrai state opposed the bill and four others abstained from voting. Other trusted sources indicated there was about 50 people who opposed the bill and there was huge fight in the parliament.

The people of Tigrai are proud of the Tigrai members of parliament for standing firm and united to the end without showing any division.

This recent piece of draft law has irreparably broken the Ethiopian constitution which one of the few pillars of the Ethiopian federal system. The Ethiopian federation is established by all the nine states and other special administrative zones.

The people of Tigrai has done all they can to maintain a united and strong Ethiopia for many years until now. Moving forward we are not sure what the Tigrai state government’s move would be, but at this point it seems we have arrived at a historical stop where the people of Tigrai have to make a different choice than wasting time in this dying country.

If the Americans are behind the coup data, which most analysts of the Horn of Africa believe they are, they will be responsible for the destruction of Ethiopia. We don’t think their decision was wise to serve their interest considering the volatile nature of the Horn of Africa and the Middle East. 

Source: Tigrai Online