An open letter to the UN Security Council in connection with the latest press release in the Sool region of Somaliland. 09/06/2023

This UNSC biased press release is written and influenced by Somali Ambassador to the UNSC Osman Abukar (Baale), it is important to take the presented content with a grain of salt due to its highly biased nature. His agenda is clear in attempting to paint a negative image of SOMALILAND, and therefore his opinion should not be taken at face value.

Firstly, The SOMALILAND nation welcomed the UNSC press release on peace, but expressed serious concerns about the UNSC’s lack of information on LasAnod, the conflict at Sool SOMALILAND.

Before we go into the details of the Security Council news release.
Five months ago, LasAnod in Somaliland was a tranquil and prosperous town. Unfortunately, the conflict has caused enormous destruction and disruption in people’s lives. Now the town is tormented by violence, poverty, rape and desperation. Despite this, Somaliland remains hopeful for a peaceful solution and a brighter future for their beloved city.

The civil war in LasAnod has been a tragedy for the city and its people.

From the moment the civil war began in LasAnod, it has been nothing short of catastrophic for the city and its inhabitants. Before the war, LasAnod was prosperous and full of life. But now, the conflict has left its citizens struggling to cope with the destruction and sorrow that has been brought upon them. It breaks the heart to see the misery and despair that war inflicts on a once peaceful place. The people of LasAnod deserve more than this and should be given the chance to rebuild their lives and their country.

The city of LasAnod was a vibrant and lively place. Just five months prior to the conflict, one can view the city in its full glory. To re-experience the city of LasAnod during its peaceful time, one can click on the link to have a glimpse of what it looked like.


Secondly, I suggest that UNSCOM read and have some indication of how the conflict at LasAnod began. Please click on the link below.

SOMALILAND and the conflict in the town of LasAnod, Sool district.

On June 8th, 2023, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) issued a statement in regards to the ongoing conflict in Las Anod, Somaliland. However, many have expressed their dissatisfaction with the statement, citing it as ill-informed and one-sided.

SOMALILAND welcomes The statement expressed the UNSC’s appeal to end the conflict in Las Anod and create the conditions for peace and humanitarian assistance, as well as the stabilisation of the situation in the area. However, it appears as though the UNSC was not well-informed about the facts on the ground, and there has been much criticism of the statement as a result.

Who is UNSC

I would like to start by saying a couple of things about the United Nations Security Council, which has violated human rights.

1- the UNSCOM press release is nothing more than an opinion of a few people.

2- The United Nations Security Council does not have the power to do as it pleases or to change things as it pleases.

3- Review their reports and you will not encounter a single problem or conflict which they have successfully resolved.

4- See how much blood is spilled in the world.

Twelve times the UN has failed the world

The United Nations General Staff is the most corrupt people on earth in every direction. Find out how many children and women are being raped around the world by United Nations personnel, particularly in the poorest countries of Africa.

Find out more, open this link.

UN staff allegedly responsible for over 60,000 cases of sexual exploitation

Daawo Muuqaal Muhiim Ah

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Ahmed Yasin Mohamed Jama