Changing the Somaliland and Somalia political narrative from accusation to discussion

By. Ismael Mohamoud Hurre Buba


Law No. 5
Unity between Somalia and Somaliland was proclaimed by Law No. 5 of 31 January 1961, known as “Act of Union”, signed then into law, but “deemed to have come into operation on the 1st day of July 1960”.

Article 1 Of the Act specifies that Somaliland and Somalia constituted a unitary republic called the “Somali Republic”.

Article 4 of the Act confirms that the independent status of the governments of Somaliland and Somali prior to the “establishment of the union” was henceforth transferred to the “Somali Republic”.

Somalia’s unilateral declaration of Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) in 2012 is as equal a violation of Law No. 5 of January 1961 as is Somaliland’s declaration of secession in 1991.

That could well constitute one of the narrative starting points of the Somaliland/Somalia dialogue. So far, unilateral declarations by either side of the equation have proven counterproductive locally, regionally and internationally.

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