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#Ethiopia: Dictators Deceptive Horn Of Africa Military Alliance 

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By Ibrahim Hassan Gagale (Somaliland Sovereignty Advocate) Photo File Araweelo News Network.

Free, democratic nations establish military alliances for their own cooperative, noble defensive purposes with the overwhelming approval of their peoples and public-elected parliaments while brutal dictators have illegal military alliance for the purpose of suppressing, repressing, and committing atrocities and other human rights abuses against their nations to hold onto their criminal dictatorship. Dictators’ military alliance is approved coercively by dictator’s hand-picked parliament and lacks defensive purpose but supporting brutal, dictatorial rule.

The North Korean-style brutal dictator of Eritrea announced mindlessly that Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia have intentions to have military alliance, named “NATO-like Horn of Africa Military Alliance as Eritrean Express wrote it”. The two dictators, PM Abiy Ahmed and Isaias Afwerki, are already seriously alleged of committing war crimes in Tigree Region and they want to commit more crimes in the Horn of Africa with this misleading military alliance.

They have three objectives for the impossible mission announcement of military alliance which are:

1. To get away with the war crimes they allegedly committed in Tigree Region and to distract world public opinion from Ethiopia and Eritrea military quagmire in Tigre Region.

2. The central objective of PM Abiy Ahmed and dictator Isaias Afwerki is to annex Somalia through deceptive “East Africa Merger” to seize seaports of Somalia for landlocked Ethiopia and to get Somali military to defend the Nile Dam from Egypt and Sudan. Both deceptive “East Africa Merger and misleading “Military Alliance in The Horn of Africa” are doomed to failure. Somalia, Somaliland and Djibouti will reject both cunning ideas and, instead, will have true military alliance in the Horn of Africa.

3. To make cover up for the former president of Somalia, Mohammed Abudullahi Farmajo, for the thousands of young Somali military trainees killed and wounded in the deadly Tigre Conflict and to keep him in office longer to become dictator like them. Former president, Farmajo, sent Somali young troops secretly and illegally to the civil war in Ethiopia to help Abiy Ahmed’s insane order of Tigre invasion without the approval of the Somali people and parliament.

This deceitful announcement of dictator Isaias Afwerki is a wake up call to all Somalis in the Horn of Africa to get prepared for a long war in the Horn to defeat the dictators and their puppets and to defend their freedom, democracy, liberty and sovereignty. Somalia and Ethiopia are historically two nations hostile to each other, had several wars before and never had any peace deal.

Somali political leaders, traditional leaders, intellectuals, civil society etc should send stern warning to the dictators, who are already involved in catastrophic wars in the Horn of Africa, and condemn the interference and meddling of the sovereignty of Somalia. They also should send #MANIFESTO to OAU, UN, European Union and United States of America against these brutal dictators in the Horn of Africa that they will be solely responsible for the consequences of their open aggression disguised in “Military Alliance in the Horn of Africa”. Somalis must prepare for wars of self-defense to defeat the neighboring enemies and those pushing them behind for false military alliance to annex Somalis and their lands.

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By. Ibrahim Hassan Gagale

February 14, 2021