Federal government of Somalia’s Adversaries Aim is to destabilize and Divide Somaliland into small regions

The news released today by the federal state of Somalia regarding the SSC Khaatumo statement is absurd and violates Somaliland’s sovereignty.

LasAnod city is part of Somaliland’s territory and will remain so until the end of time. Today’s attempted declaration of SSC status is a direct assault on Somaliland’s sovereignty and the existence of the Somaliland nation.

I am already seeing a group of people on social media who lack understanding of the concept and the terminology diplomacy wording who are already misinterpreting the Somali federal government’s statement by saying that the government did not explicitly recognize the SSC Khatumo.

In my opinion, and likely in the opinion of the majority of Somaliland people, the following points in the statement are clear indications that the Somali federal government either recognizes or intends to recognize LasAnod as a member of the federal states.

Point one: The Federal Government is once again backing the decision of the traditional elders of Las Anod to establish a temporary administration during a conference on February 6, 2023. This is a form of recognition, and their support on this issue is consistent with their previous stance.

Point two: The Federal Government consistently calls for assistance in every effort to bring peace and stability to the area. Any disputes will be resolved through dialogue and negotiation. The SSC Khatumo administration appreciates this and is ready for a ceasefire and peaceful coexistence. This is a neutral statement, but one could argue that it also constitutes a form of recognition.

Point three: The Federal Government of Somalia is calling for a ceasefire between Somaliland and the SSC Khatumo administration and for the release of all prisoners. The Federal Government is ready to facilitate these efforts.. This is neutral statement

Point four: The Federal Government is acting swiftly on its responsibility to revitalize and improve social services such as education, health, water, and general human affairs in Somaliland and SSC Khatumo. This is a clear indication towards the international community that Somalia considers itself responsible for both regions. This is also clear indication

Point five: The Federal Government urges all government agencies, the Somali community, and the international community to provide urgent humanitarian aid to those areas. This is also very clear statement

All of the above points are clear to those with even a basic understanding of diplomatic terminology.

The Unacceptable Threat of Hasan Sheikh

Hasan Sheikh has recently been digging a deep hole, which is a direct threat and violation of the sovereignty and existence of Somaliland. This is an action that is simply unacceptable and must be stopped. The sovereignty and existence of Somaliland is something that must be protected at all costs. SOMALILAND is a country of proud people who have the right to exercise their independence and live without fear of intrusion. Any attempt to undermine their self-determination cannot be tolerated.

It is time for Hasan Sheikh to stop digging his deep hole. This kind of activity is not only a threat to the sovereignty and existence of Somaliland, but it is also a violation of international law. It is time for him to recognize the importance of respecting the rights of the people of Somaliland and to cease his dangerous activity.

In my opinion, the urgent steps that Somaliland needs to take now are as follows:

1. The President of Somaliland must hold an urgent press conference to inform the Federal Government of Somalia and the international community that the ongoing talks between Somaliland and Somalia have been permanently suspended due to their violation of Somaliland’s Sool region.

2. Urgent national meeting for all government institutions to decide the fate, sovereignty, and existence of the Somaliland nation, which has been under attack for so long.

3. SOMALILAND must wage an and Immediate war to remove the invading allied huwan militias and  the known terror groups of Somalia’ s Alshabaab and Daesh and to close the border forever

4. The Republic of Somaliland should immediately declare and inform the international community that the ongoing talks between Somaliland and Somalia have now ended permanently, and that Somaliland and Somalia have parted ways forever.

5. The Somaliland government must inform the federal government of Somalia without delay that it is no longer interested in accepting the recently appointed special envoy or representative to Somaliland, and is therefore rejecting his entry into Somaliland.


6. The Somaliland authorities must immediately declare and inform the international community that, as of this moment, Somaliland will no longer engage with, welcome, or have any discussions with any international representatives or organizations based in Mogadishu, and that they are now banned from entering Somaliland.

7. Today’s declarations by Hassan Sheikh of the Somali Federal Government confirm that he no longer wants Somalia and Somaliland to engage any further dialogues and talks. In response, Somaliland should also issue a declaration to the same effect. These declarations are essential to ensure that the two countries continue to maintain their independent status.

8. The Federal Government of Somalia’s declaration of support for the SSC today only exacerbates tensions between the two countries further. It is therefore of utmost importance that Somaliland halt any prearranged or ongoing dialogues with the government in Mogadishu. This will encourage and demonstrate that the two countries are no longer connected and that Somaliland is a sovereign nation in its own right.

9. It is clear that Somaliland and Somalia have very different visions for the future. Somaliland wants to remain sovereign, while the government in Mogadishu wants to keep the former republic of Somalia unified. To avoid further conflict, it is essential for Somaliland to cease engaging with Somalia. This will allow both countries to move forward and build their own independent futures.

10. On the other hand, the current actions of the G21 group are even more egregious than the Battle of Lasanod. There are reports that they have agreed with China to facilitate the Ethiopian occupation of Seylac for 10 hours by allowing Ethiopian forces to enter from the sea and use their naval assets, which are currently sitting in international waters in the Gulf of Aden.

Somaliland must urgently issue a serious statement to the international community, informing them that it is no longer engaging with any international representatives or organizations based in Mogadishu, and that such diplomatic organizations are now banned from visiting Somaliland.

This decision is a result of both the ongoing long-standing dispute between Somalia and Somaliland, and the recent SSC Khatumo statement released today by the federal state of Somalia.

This decision that the government of SOMALILAND takes now will undoubtedly be shared and echoed by all Somaliland citizens, who will express their support for the action taken.

In conclusion, Somaliland has more enemies than ever before, who are united in their goal of destroying it, despite their differences and separate agendas. Somaliland must wake up from its long sleep before it is too late.

Federal government of Somalia’s Adversaries Aim is to destabilize and Divide Somaliland into small regions

The Republic of Somaliland is facing a serious threat to its sovereignty, existence, and security. Its adversaries are attempting to destabilize and divide Somaliland into regions in order to eventually incorporate it into the Federal Government of Somalia.

It is important that the people of Somaliland must remain unified and strong in order to ensure continued security and prosperity. Somaliland must continue to oppose the Federal Government of Somalia’s attempts to annex Somaliland. They must continue to promote peace and unity within their nation and they must make sure that their hard-fought independence is never taken away.

To protect their country and independence, the people of Somaliland must remain united and vigilant. Somalia’s adversaries must be discouraged and defeated. The international community must support Somaliland in its efforts to ensure its continued security and sovereignty, as well as provide assistance and support to its people in their struggle to protect their independence and autonomy. The threat posed by Somalia’s enemies and other surrounding area is greater than imaginable and must be addressed and overcome.

Finally, The Republic of Somaliland is a sovereign country with its own borders that cannot and will not be changed by illusory or hallucinatory fantasies. It is determined to defend its nation and its people at all costs. With commitment and resolve, the people of Somaliland will endure and continue to protect their homeland.

The views expressed in this article belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Araweelo News Network.

Ahmed Yasin Mohamed Jama