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In the past 20 years the various Governments of Somalia have failed to eliminate Al-Shabab from whole Somalia.  Those weak Governments of Somalia have also failed to reach comprehensive reconciliation agreements with the armed Islamic group of Al-shabab.

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Photo FILE – Araweelo News Network. African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) peacekeepers from Burundi patrol after fighting between insurgents and government soldiers erupted on the outskirts of Mogadishu, May 22, 2012.

Yes, reaching an agreement with armed terrorist groups is a kind of effective Diplomacy where an independent Nation can use in order to bring lasting peace for its Country.

But those weak people   whom have been brainwashed by the western media won’t understand this type of effective reconciliation Diplomacy.  Sometimes declaring   unnecessary wars on terrorists groups are not so wise.

Reconciliations and Diplomacy dialogues are more important than waging wars to the opposition groups. The wars cause only distractions, producing more refugees and economic failure for the country.


From the year 2004 up to this present year of 2022 the various Somalia Government leaders have been too busy to convince the western imperialists in the name of combating the so called “Islamic terrorist networks” in Somalia. They never truly function to end the per-longed wars in Somalia.  Being a puppet for foreign powers won’t help to bring lasting peace in Somalia, every administration that rules Somalia must understand this.


Somalia’s weak Government backed by the western imperialists has poor type of Diplomacy when it comes solving the country’s prolonged domestic wars.  Declaring war against Al-Shabab is not good for the ordinary Somali citizen’s, because the Government of Somalia can’t protect its ordinary citizens from the collective massacre of Al-Shabab.  so it must open a peaceful dialogue with Al-shabab armed group.

We must not afraid to tell the truth. Only negotiations can be reached lasting peace in this country.  The western imperialists doesn’t wants this, but they want wars to continue in Somalia.


So, the so called declaration of war againt Al-Shabaab by the weak  Government of somalia is nothing but a cheap polocy in which the Government of somalia officials  are  convincing the  western imprealists Nations  whom want to make Somalia  to remain   ” war torn Nation ” for ever.

This is the fact you’ll.never hear from the western media platforms. Becosue they always spread propoganda and falsehoods from Somalia.

Foreign Troops Must Go Out From Somalia

If there has been a true independency for Somalia Government, it could have been too easy for reaching peace in the country.  Unfortunately Somalia is not a truly independent for its affairs both domestic and foreign affairs.  It’s the UN, EU and All western imperialists   whom have the last polottical decisions that concerned Somalia’s futures.

The foreign troops must such as (AMISOM AND AFRICOM) must go out from Somalia, because they are not there to serve for the interests of the Somalia, but they are there to ruin Somalia’s sovereignty .

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Somali peacekeeping forces AMISOM, Photo, Araweelo News Network.

The peace and stability of this country can come when the warring parties of Somalia have common dialogue and when foreign troops go our from the entire country.  Unfortunately, the Government of Somalia can’t understand this.

The AU peace keeping mission has failed in the democratic republic of Congo.  the so called African peace keeping troops in the DRC have turned into looters of the country’s natural resources,  sometimes there have been serious cases indicating that the  foreign troops took part the domestic violoncellos in that country.

The UN backed troops in the DRC have contributed serious crimes by giving weapons to certain local militias.  They did for means of causes more instability in that country in order they might receive more money for their peacekeeping mission in the Democratic republic of Congo.


The case of Al-Shabab is same like that of the democratic republic of Congo (DRC).  The foreign troops in Somalia are behind the existence of Al-Shabab terrorist group, they fund it financially.  They also supply those arms and other logistics.

This is all about the western Imperialists” colonialism towards Somalia, because they don’t want to see a stable Somalia which have strong effective governance system. The so called African troops are missionary troops hired by the western Imperialists’ become the white colonialist man doesn’t want to die in Somalia, so he must get a cheap black soldier that dies for him.

Writing by Dr. Ahmed Hassan Salah and first published this article on Araweelo News Network. Salah is a writer and diplomat who comments on politics and international relations and advocates for Somaliland’s identity. He has published articles and videos on the way Somaliland can legally get its identity, which have been published on the Araweelo News Network.