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Editorial: The White House should expect a challenge on all world issues

Russia’s war in Ukraine has changed the lives of everyone in the country and the rest of the world, and has had a great impact on the world economy and gas, although European countries are the most affected by economic, security and fear problems affected.

The war is clearly a confirmation of the third world war, in terms of the forces that are at stake and the weapons that are being transported to Ukraine.

According to this new development in the global arena the US and it’s allies in the west should come into term and accept the bitter truth that those days of their Superpower dominance are over and that the world has changed, and the White house should expect challenge in all the world affairs.

On one hand Russia is subduing them and giving they panic in Ukraine and on the other hand North Korea is sitting on their head in Korean peninsula, and While China is challenging them economically in Asia.

The issues of Iran and the issues of the Middle East which is also a challenge to their regional plans.

The African countries appeared which are drifting away from The US and the west by trying to firm their own economic stand.

In some places, countries are accelerating social change, with the fear that the problems caused by the war in life will result in uprisings to overthrow the power of European and other world leaders, as already the recent events in Britain and Italy. Were related to the problems of political and economic confusion caused by the war in Ukraine and the Russian invasion.

Although it is still the beginning of winter and the biggest fear is facing Europe, with the alarming situation on the spear of the Western allies is the fear that Russia will use this opportunity to retaliate against the sanctions and the support of weapons in Ukraine, and Putin to gambling with the lives of people whose governments sided with the war in Ukraine, when winter comes knocking on the door.

Undoubtedly, it is a fact that the war will be a major change in geography and the way the world was shaped, from what was before this time in the Ukraine war.

Editorial for Araweelo News Network.